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Next Job At Home Review

by David Harris

Next Job at Home found at and owned by NGM Media LLC and Isaac Klein, is a fairly new company set up to supposedly help you find telecommuting jobs.

It is free to register on the actual website.


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The jobs, however, are another issue altogether.

On one hand, there are so many complaints about Next Job at Home that we here at ScamXposer just had to look into it to see what all the fuss is about.

This is a slightly different company than we usually review so I’ll clear up a few things about it for you.



This Next Job At Home review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.


This is the way Next Job at Home works;

They operate much like a job listing directory, as much of their info comes from sources such as Craig’s List, job search sites, and their 3rd party affiliate partners.

Upon registering, they email you notifications of work at home, telecommuting jobs, and information on finding work.

Many of these jobs appear to be more like what you would find in your email spam folder.

Although they claim that the leads are screened, it doesn’t really seem like that’s the case at all.

Next Job at Home does provide you with what seems like legitimate work at home job leads.

But when you open the email links on many of these they take you to affiliate partner websites that charge you to sign up with them.

NextJobatHome of course earns a commission anytime someone pays for one of these suspect services.

One of the reasons Next Job at Home is considered a scam is that they would team up with such shady practitioners of scams and cons in the first place.

Many of these companies are infamous on the top rip-off report sites.

Another reason is that it is near impossible to contact Next Job at Home to air any grievances.

It’s obvious Next Job at Home doesn’t hold itself liable for scams its partners pull.

The application form that companies sign to post for hire is very basic and glosses over any details of employer authenticity.

The bait-and-switch racket operates must be earning them lots of money from turning a blind eye.

A word of warning, do not click on the advertisement links because the majority of their advertisers run scams that capture your data for sale to other mass marketing companies.

It’s a type of phishing scam that ends up with you getting swarmed by spam.

Their home page also has many grammar and language mistakes.

The feedback is nothing but positive endorsements about from Next Job at Home shills, so there’s no way to add your own comments.

To add, the job posts are not sorted or in order either.

Now, there are only 2 or 3 legitimate job listings out of every four offered, and descriptions are so brief you can’t really tell what the real jobs are.

This guarantees will be paid when visitors click on the garbage by mistake.

It seems like honest companies are posting there less often due to the site’s rapidly decreasing reputation.

The Better Business Bureau has given the Next Job at Home job listing directory a BBB “F”.

I am going to agree with this assessment.

You’ll want to avoid Next Job At Home or be prepared to be overrun with out-of-control spam.

This scam is, of course, not recommended.

Thanks for reading our review.




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