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Next Job at Home

Next Job at Home Review by David Harris Next Job at Home found at and owned by NGM Media LLC and Isaac Klein, is a fairly new company set up to supposedly help you find telecommuting jobs. It is free to register on the actual website. The jobs, however, are another issue altogether. On one hand, there are so many complaints about Next Job at Home that we here at ScamXposer just had to look into it to see …

Real Writing Jobs

Real Writing Jobs Scam Review by David Harris Real Writing Jobs, by Isaac Klein and found at, is a website that provides freelance writers links to writing jobs. It acts as a go-between for writers and companies in need of content writers. However, Real Writing Jobs is a bit misleading. This really only offers posts you can already find on the free freelancer sites. RealWritingJobs does not offer you much of anything else except some outdated training videos. I …
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