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Exitus Elite Review

If you found Exitus Elite elsewhere first and came here to see if it was legitimate or…

To see if there was someone way, way better to work with…

You’ve definitely found the right place.

I’m a top referrer in ExitusElite and I will show you how that’s not a fluke and how you can take advantage of my expertise.

Here’s proof that I’m a top referrer in Exitus Elite…

Top Recruiter in Exitus Elite

As you can see, my name is listed as #1 for both the G2000 and G1000 sales.

What you will read on this page will blow you away, especially what I have to tell you regarding our exclusive, custom funnel.

Don’t miss the video I have for you on there.

I know everyone loves to skim content or reviews instead of actually reading them.

This is the one time that you will want to actually read everything on the page.

Now onto the review…

Exitus Elite is from Paul Stevenson and is found at

EE is touted as a fully “automated passive income system” that anyone can do from home to earn $500 to $2,000+ per day on auto-pilot.



This review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.


In this review, I will show you whether or not this is true and much more.

So, what is this passive income automation all about?

The first component of Exitus Elite being a passive income system is the call center they employ for their clients.

I’ve found that very few people like to speak to leads or prospects and close their own sales so this is a big deal to have this taken care of for them.

These sales reps will answer all of your customers’ questions for you as well as sign them up and arrange for the money to be sent to you.

Your lead will then be instructed to send payment to you by your preferred method.

Le can also register for ExitusElite directly without having to call in first if they have no questions prior to joining.

A few other companies do have call centers but they charge 50% or more of the sale amount to close sales for their clients.

These EE professional reps will close sales at a much higher rate than the average person in this would be able to, making you even more money.

I consider this to be a very big factor in it being a fully automated business.

A great start.


The 2nd component of this being an automated passive income system is their fully automated marketing system that incorporates a funnel starting with a high-converting lead capture page.

From there it then sends those prospects to the explainer videos that break down how the business works and how they can make money with it.

Your leads are then automatically sent follow-up emails from the CRM system autoresponder.

These emails will encourage them to watch or rewatch the videos and then join or call if they still have questions before joining.

After the lead’s questions are answered and they decide that this is for them, the rep leads them the rest of the way through registering and then sending you the funds.

So far so good.


The next component of EE being an automated passive income system is the traffic and leads you can set up once and have them continue to hit your page over and over.

To many, the most important part of an online business is where they will get a consistent source of high-quality, converting leads.

You will have many proven sources that convert very well with this offer.

And there is also a way to get traffic sent directly to your page automatically.

A huge item that is taken care of for you.


The final piece of the puzzle with this being an automated passive income system is the “done for you” products.

Traditional products that must be manufactured, handled, and shipped eat up the lion’s share of a business’s profits.

ExitusElite’s products are digital and downloadable, so there are no physical products that need to be manufactured, handled, or shipped.

Their products cover various topics such as Internet Marketing, Self Motivation, Business Productivity, Outsourcing, Health, and much more.

Using their eBooks, audio, and videos in the Exitus Elite Library will help you grow any business as well as help you maintain a healthy business and life balance.

This allows for very high-profit margins as there are no ongoing hard costs that have to be paid for over and over again.

Stated another way…

Let’s say that I bought “XYZ Software”, used it, liked it, and then decided to buy a resell rights license to resell it for a 100% profit…

This would be very similar to what they’re doing here.

But instead of selling 1 item at a time for a much lower price point…

They are selling many products packaged together allowing for much higher profits per sale.

What is actually being purchased from EE are digital product package resale rights licenses as well as the products themselves.

It’s like getting a never-ending supply of inventory for only a 1-time initial cost.

Digital products are a big thing right now, in general, because of the 100% profit margin potential.

As well as the ability to earn from them over and over again without incurring additional product manufacturing and shipping costs.

It looks like the perfect kind of product to me.


ExitusElite is not an MLM, Network Marketing, money game, Cash Gifting, or anything else objectionable or illegal.

Exitus Elite is a complete turn-key business including a call center, marketing funnel, products, and access to plenty of excellent, high-converting leads.

You do not have to worry about creating any part of this business yourself.

It is truly turnkey from beginning to end.

So, what is the actual work you need to do in this business?

Drive traffic to your lead capture page (this part can be automated for you as well).

Yes, that’s it.


Everything else is 100% done for you.

They have that traffic part handled for you as well.

You are given access to many proven to convert traffic/lead sources.

After that, the CRM system sends out the follow-up emails for you, automatically.

When your prospects land on your pre-built website they will be able to watch the videos and get the majority of their questions answered.

If they still have questions before they are ready to join they can call or email support with their questions.

After their questions are answered, they will be led through to pay the admin fee to ExitusElite as well as where and how to send you payment.

They can also join directly from the website without talking to a rep first if they have no questions and are ready to get started.

You have now earned between $100 and $2,000.

There are 5 different business product packages where you can purchase the resale rights licenses.

They have a package for everyone’s budget.

Here’s the breakdown of the income potential and cost associated with each product package…

The Level 1 G100 Package costs $100 + a $49 admin fee ($149).

G100 pays out $100 per sale.

The Level 2 G250 Package costs $250 + a $99 admin fee ($349).

G250 pays out $250 per sale.

The Level 3 G500 Package costs $500 + a $199 admin fee ($699).

G500 pays out $500 per sale.

The Level 4 G1000 Package costs $1,000 + a $299 admin fee ($1,299).

G1000 pays out $1,000 per sale.

The Level 5 G2000 Package costs $2,000 + a $399 admin fee ($2,399).

G2000 pays out $2,000 per sale.

These are all 1-time costs including the membership fee.

From what I’ve seen, the G2000 Package is by far the most popular.

The Exitus Elite Compensation Plan:

This allows you to be able to receive multiple $100, $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,000 payments from Exitus Elite.

Those commissions would be in the form of direct sales, pass-ups, or overrides.

Here’s how Pass-ups work…

You will pass up the first sale commission and member to the person that referred you as a qualifying or training sale.

However, it’s not necessarily the first sale you make.

It’s the first sale at or above the level you joined at.

If you are at the G2000 level and make some $100, $250, $500, or $1000 sales before you get your first $2,000 sale…

You keep all of those preceding sales and members.

However, you would pass up the first $2,000 sale and member.

If you are at the G500 level and your first sale is a $500, $1,000, or $2,000 sale, that would be your pass-up qualifier.

At the G500 level, any $100 or $250 sales would be kept by you regardless.

That’s because your commission on a $500, $1,000, or $2,000 sale would still be $500 anyway.

That sale and member would be passed up as your qualifier.

It doesn’t have to be at the same level you registered at, just at or above.

This is not anything that you have to keep track of or figure out.

You will be told if and when a sale is being passed up as your qualifier.

Now on the other side of this, you will be in a position to receive these pass-ups yourself when your new members make their own sales.

This is the passive recurring income aspect of this business.

And can add up very quickly with even a small group of members.

Here’s how Overrides work…

If you decide to join at the $100 level, then make a sale at the $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,000 level, you would still get $100 per sale.

And then if you were at the $500 level and made a $1,000 or $2,000 sale you would get $500 off either amount, your amount level.

The remaining $500 or $1,500 difference would go to your referrer (or above) in the form of an Override.

That’s if they are at the $1,000 or $2,000 level themselves.

Otherwise, it would go up until it hit the 1st $1,000 or $2,000 member depending on which level sale was made.

At the $2,000 level, you keep 100% of all sales made regardless.

You are paid directly through Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, Credit Card, and Venmo, among many other available payment options.

It’s your choice how you want to get paid as your Exitus Elite customers pay you directly.

However, if you start at a lower level, you can always upgrade later on but would, of course, miss out on the difference until then.

If you upgrade from the $500 to the $1,000 or $2,000 level, it would only be the difference from what you originally paid.

For example, if you started at the $1,000 level and upgraded to the $2,000 level, it would be $1,000 (the difference) and $100 additional for the admin fee (the difference).

It works the same for all other levels, even if you go through multiple levels before reaching the $2,000 level.

Upgrading is a simple process that’s done within your EE back office.

When your leads call into the call center you’ll receive an alert from the closers.

This will let you know that they are working on a potential sale for you at that moment.

You will also be notified when they make a sale for you.

This allows members to instantly know that their advertising is working and that they are getting results quickly.

And this is definitely real and worth the time to check out.

I highly recommend the Exitus Elite home-based online income opportunity in conjunction with the Success Story Team.

You can check it out here… but before you go, please read below:
Goes to the Success Story Team marketing system which includes Exitus Elite.

Thanks for reading our review.

By expert author David Harris.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For those of you that would like to join me, David Harris ( owner), in the top team in Exitus Elite…

Yes, I am a member too and am making very good money with this awesome business myself and helping all of my members do the same (not MLM).

So, why join me in EE instead of someone else?

I have over 24 years of internet marketing experience and have made millions online.

I’m more than capable of helping you succeed with Exitus Elite and well beyond.

As well as offering help and advice in many other areas of internet marketing even completely outside the scope of EE.

Think of me as your personal coach and mentor.

If I offered 1 on 1 personal coaching and training, I would charge at least $400.00 per hour for it.

Whatever the cost to do Exitus Elite pales in comparison to the actual value you will get from me alone.

You’re not just buying into some program, you are getting the help you’ve always needed to take the next step and become an online success.

I am definitely the right man for the job… overqualified even.

And this is not just for you, but for everyone, you bring into my/our group as well.

This way you don’t even have to support your own group, I do that too!

Everything I am doing is making it as easy as possible so you don’t have to be an expert at anything in order to succeed.

Again, that’s my job… not yours!


In almost all online businesses you have to have already been a success in something else in order to be a success at the next business.

Look at the dreaded MLM – Multi-Level Marketing industry for instance.

If you are new to an MLM, you have no chance because the first question a prospect will have for you is…

“How long have you been doing it and how much money have you made?”.

If your answer is “I just started and I haven’t made any money yet”, you will never ever make a sale… period!

This then caused everyone to lie about these questions and to “fake it until you make it”.

That is no way to run a real business.

There is no need to “fake it until you make it” on my team… none, ever!


Because I will take you for a “piggyback ride” to success.

They will be looking at my business credibility instead of yours.

It will be my income proof instead of yours.

My vast internet marketing knowledge instead of your lack.

Listening to my real success story instead of your “fake it”.

It will all be on me and nothing on you in proving yourself to prospects.

This is why total newbies can do this and actually succeed for the first time ever.

You will succeed because I already HAVE!

You’ll have access to my own custom marketing funnel for your own marketing.

They will be directed to join you instead of me.

I’m creating it so that there is no additional benefit in joining me over you.

This is because you get to offer your prospects the exact same things I am.

That in and of itself is a huge problem elsewhere, but not here.

If someone becomes a lead through your funnel and they somehow end up joining me instead…

Let me know and I will forward their full member payment over to you based on your current member level.

If you are at the G2000 level, you get the whole thing.

Yeah… really!

Who else does that?

I’ll tell you… no one.

The following are bonuses for joining my Group in ExitusElite…

1.) I have a dedicated private Telegram chat room for all of my members in ExitusElite where they can get inside info on the same methods I use to make six figures every year…

That’s in Exitus Elite or in any other businesses I’m involved with.

This includes additional money-making methods that are outside the scope of EE.

If I find something new that is working great for me, I will be sharing it with my group.

You will be able to use the same exact marketing tools and methods that I’m using.

2.) You’ll get access to all of my free and paid advertising methods and sources.

Including several sources that are not common knowledge to the public.

You’ll also have full access to all funnels that I build or have built to use in your own marketing.

This includes follow-up emails or any other aspect of a given funnel or funnels I’m using.

These will give you a huge advantage over anyone else that is not on my team.

Does this mean that the standard ExitusElite funnel doesn’t work?

No, it doesn’t. It works. It’s good.

It’s a matter of good, better, or best.

What I am building for my team is the best there is in ExitusElite (exclusively built for my team only).

Your conversions will be substantially better here than anywhere else I’ve seen.

3.) Hands-free premium traffic that you can get from my group traffic rotator, no need to worry about where to get good traffic any more.

Many of you need or want a way to get consistent traffic to your marketing funnel.

That is without having to do all the testing to find out what actually converts the best.

This is my job and your hands-free solution.

4.) Use These Bonuses As Your Own.

You have the ability to use these bonuses in your marketing as if they were your own.

Leverage my experiences in internet marketing to propel you to the next level.

You will only be able to get these 4 bonuses from me.

No one else in EE will be able to offer you these exclusive bonuses.

I’ll be adding even more bonuses as time goes on.

I’m really here to help you and your team in any way I can.

I put together a custom high-converting marketing funnel specifically for my group in ExitusElite ONLY.

This new, awesome custom funnel is called the “Success Story Team”.

Once you’ve gone through it you will see how extremely compelling it actually is.

Private Message or email me with any questions after you’ve had a chance to take a look at the website through my link above.

Here’s my Facebook PM:
(you must have a free Facebook Messenger account and be logged in for this link to work)

You can also reach me by phone and email here
(please mention “Success Story Team or Exitus Elite”):
Phone: 4oh5-401-0327 (replace with 405)
Email: david[@] (remove the [ ])

Thanks – David


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This is an awesome review of Exitus Elite. I definitely need to take a look at this. Also, thank you for exposing all these scams! – Rob


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