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Paid Online Writing Jobs

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Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

Paid Online Writing Jobs is found at, which is a database middleman site.

They offer writers a list of sites and companies needing writers to work for them remotely from home.

However, there are many red flags and complaints with this and I will address them as we go into the Paid Online Writing Jobs review.


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To begin with, PaidOnlineWritingJobs offers a membership for just $1.00.

Okay, so far so good.

Paid Online Writing Jobs only gives you 3 days to review their entire offering.

Oh… well, now I’m starting to get a better picture of what’s going on.

After that, they will charge you $77.00 every month until you happen to realize you’ve been paying that and then cancel. will not refund anything back to you when you do cancel the service after you’ve already paid the $77.00 you weren’t aware you were paying.


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The refund policy is either nonexistent or they will just end up ignoring all of your refund requests.

It’s the same effect either way.

Great, now they can claim that they have a low refund rate.

Yes, I’m kidding.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies do that exact thing for this exact reason.


This review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.

You can, however, request a to do a charge dispute with your credit card bank or provider to ensure you get your money back from Paid Online Writing Jobs.

Paid Online Writing Jobs review

But you shouldn’t have to do it the hard way in the first place.

You only need to mention to your bank that it was a fraudulent company that the transaction was made with.

Your bank will most likely side with you in the dispute and return your $77.00 back to you.

You will most likely get a provisional credit from your card bank within a few days of doing this.

And it will probably take 45 to 60 days for a final resolution on the case.

There are many complaints about this particular practice of theirs.

Paid Online Writing Jobs promises refunds but they just say that to get your money under false pretenses.

They have absolutely no intention of ever returning any of your money without a fight.

This is why I suggested filing a dispute to get your money back from them.

PaidOnlineWritingJobs doesn’t really own its database either.

They actually just send you to a different database link.

You can find the companies listed on that database on your own for free if you do a little bit of your own research.

There is absolutely no guarantee that you will be hired by any of the companies listed on the database they don’t own.

They even tell you this on the earnings disclaimer and negate more things they promise on the first pages.

PaidOnlineWritingJobs also promises extensive training that never really materializes.

In fact, they claim that their 3-day training gets you ready to write for legitimate companies even if you have no experience.

I spent years taking classes in language, grammar, and writing to consider myself an actual content writer.

But Paid Online Writing Jobs promises you can do it in 3 days with their system.

Yeah… right.


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A system that doesn’t even exist.

That 3 day period is the bait to keep you from canceling the membership for a refund.

This is so they can then charge you the full $77.00 amount once those 3 days are over.

It is so disconcerting to find that you have spent good money on a scam when the truth hits finally you.

Avoid getting trapped in their clutches.

PaidOnlineWritingJobs is a scam of massive proportions.

Thanks for reading our Paid Online Writing Jobs review.

By author David Harris. Last updated on February 11, 2024, at 8:20 AM CST.



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David Harris on :

They are using Clickbank as their admin and payment processor. You can seek a refund by going directly to You will need your receipt handy when you talk to them. – David

Lee Kendrick on :

I am very grateful that you took the time to research this company. I’ve been toying with the idea to join them. I was unable to join at the time because their fee had shot up from around $27 – $47 and climbing. They are very enticing and people need to know about these scumbags! Thank you again for stopping me from losing money. I will regularly check for your advice when applying for content writing work to see if any of them are scams. Best wishes. Lee

I just received an email from this “company” said I was referred by a close family member; no one in my family knows anything about my passion for writing. Thank you for clarifying the situation

thanks for this they keep emailing me i had thought about it many times but after reading this review i will stay clear do you know any genuine ones that are not scams i could look in to

Presley Fryingpan on :

Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it, have a great day you save me a lot of time and probably money.


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