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Arbonne Review

by David Harris

Arbonne by Kay Napier and found at, is a Swiss company offering botanical skincare and weight loss products.

They are marketed though a multi level marketing business model.

Although the items from Arbonne are of a high priced boutique nature and hypo-allergenic, they are not tested on animals.

Arbonne representatives are encouraged to acquire more distributors than selling or marketing the products.

Distributors are not even allowed to set up their own websites or online sales pages on places like eBay.

It is highly likely that the majority of Arbonne salespeople will fail due to the industry-wide 99% failure rate.

Usually, it is a tiny percentage that is ever likely to be successful.

Arbonne certainly does not appear to make it easy on the reps to succeed.

That is unless they can bring in as many people as they possibly can and have those people remain members for a very long time.

This is borderline close to the perception of a pyramid scheme, except they get away with it by having a product handy for the loophole.

Due to the overpriced products, they have you pay for upfront…

And the other extra investment capital needed to fund this risky venture such as marketing and advertising and hosting product parties, etc.

You would be lucky if you even come close to breaking even.

These are issues companies like “Arbonne” never warn you about, though.

I should warn you of a less than savory practice some reps use to lure you in.

Several complaints have been reported that Arbonne reps promise you $200 worth of free product when you order at least $200 in products.

Except when you don’t receive it and try to contact the rep, they say, no, you have to spend at least $250 to get the free product.

When you don’t receive the product and try and call the Arbonne company itself, they will tell you there’s no such offer at all.

And that you should report your sponsor for offering it.

The problem is that nothing is resolved by that, and you have spent all that money.

This is with $50 VAT and shipping included, and no extra product you were promised.

It happens more frequently than you’d think.

This type of bait and switch, plus the 99% failure rate factor leaves us no choice but to not recommend dealing with Arbonne.

Much less its unethical reps.

Arbonne is just another MLM business to avoid.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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