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Success Story Team Review

If you’ve been struggling to make a substantial passive income online or any income at all, this Success Story Team review will be the most important thing you’ve read since you started your journey.

I will be pointing out the #1 reason why people fail to make money with leveraged programs and it’s not what you think.

What I’m talking about has to do with the exact reasons why up to 90% of your leads, prospects, and sales are lost and what you can do to stop that.

I know everyone loves to skim, skip or scan through content instead of actually reading all of it.

This is that one time you’ll want to actually read every word on the page regarding Success Story Team.

What you will discover here will absolutely blow you away in both why you’ve not made any money yet and what you can do about it.

keep your leads and sales

You’ve definitely found the right place to turn into another one of our success stories.

The Success Story Team is from 7-figure online earner, David Harris, the owner of this website,

This idea is 14 years in the making and has just now come to fruition.

I know your time is valuable so I will cut to the chase and get right to the point for you.

After speaking with 1,000s of people over the last 23 years, I have come to realize that the majority just wanted something very, very simple.

They didn’t want to go through months of training, having to learn an entire industry or whatever.

They didn’t want to create their own products, build a website, make a funnel, write an autoresponder follow-up email series, figure out advertising, and so on.

Instead, they wanted to skip all the learning and get straight to the earning part.

A real, turn-key, ready-to-go, business that just needed quality traffic going through its high-converting pre-made sales funnel.

Traffic could be provided for them so they didn’t have to figure it out themselves.

Just copy exactly what the professionals are doing to build their own businesses and be an instant success.

I don’t care what kind of business we’re talking about, everyone needs to advertise some way somehow.

Knowing that the traffic going to your offer is the #1 thing that people are struggling with…

…or is it?

Is there something else they may not even be aware of that is much more of a problem than finding quality traffic?

Much, much more…

The real reason for this struggle is something you’ve likely never considered before.

Here’s what most new leveraged business members do…

After they set up everything they start to advertise their new business per their referrer’s or company’s instructions.

They spend several hundred on advertising and later on they realize that although they’ve been getting in some leads…

No one is joining their business or even calling or emailing them with questions.

So they will ponder what could be wrong…

I’m getting leads but is the lead source I’m using still bad?

Is it because the copywriting on the marketing funnel is bad?

Or maybe the follow-up emails are not working or are stuck in everyone’s spam folder?

They were sure everything was set up correctly… and it probably was.

Yes, you can have everything set up correctly, have good traffic going to your offer, and yet still not make any sales.

But why?

There’s a dirty little secret hardly anyone else will ever dare explain to you.

This problem is explained in detail inside of Success Story Team and is the key to whether or not you will succeed with a leveraged online business.

Success Story Team Presentation

This problem, that you will discover, is where your leads, prospects, and sales are really going after you’ve spent all that time, effort, and money to get them.

What I am talking about it is the true reason why newbies as well as the rest of the majority fail to make much if any money online.

The newbie that just started yesterday will likely have no chance against this problem, ever.

This true problem is completely fixed by Success Story Team.

No one else is even talking about this problem let alone having a solution to fix it.

I designed Success Story Team to defeat this problem not only for myself but for everyone else on my Team.

Don’t worry, this isn’t MLM, Network Marketing, a Pyramid, or anything else that is sketchy or is proven not to work.

It doesn’t even matter if you are brand spanking new to internet marketing or are a seasoned pro.

Success Story Team completely levels the playing field for everyone on my Team.

I put together Success Story Team because I’ve had entirely too many conversations with people about their struggles with making real money online.

You can start making money with this in days instead of months because there is no learning curve you have to go through first.

Everything I am doing is making it as easy as possible so you don’t have to be an expert at anything in order to succeed.

Being the expert is my job… not yours!

In almost all online businesses you have to have already been a success in something else in order to be a success at the next business.

Look at the dreaded MLM – Multi-Level Marketing industry for instance.

If you are new to an MLM, you have no chance because the first question a prospect will have for you is…

“How long have you been doing it and how much money have you made?”.

If your answer is “I just started and I haven’t made any money yet”, you will never ever make a sale… period!

This then caused everyone to lie about these questions and to “fake it until you make it”.

That is no way to run a real business.

There is no need to “fake it until you make it” on my team… none, ever!


Because once you learn the truth as I describe on the website, this business will ruin all others.

You will effectively have no competition.

With my unique solution…

They will no longer be looking at your business credibility.

You won’t need any previous successes or income proof.

No need for any internet marketing knowledge or expertise.

No more faking it until you make it.

It will all be on me and nothing on you in proving yourself to prospects.

This is why total newbies can do this and actually succeed for the very first time ever.

You will succeed because I already HAVE!

You will have full access to my own custom-built 7-figure marketing funnel for your own fully automated marketing promotions.

I’m on track to earn high 5 figures per month with the same exact system you will have access to.

I’ll show you how to scale your own business to rival mine.

I pull no punches and keep no secrets.

Everything is laid out and very easy to understand.

Success Story Team Bonuses

Our Team Members get the following bonuses…

1.) Everyone on the Success Story Team gets access to 2 internet marketing and leveraged business experts with a combined 42 years of experience.

Ann and I will be providing everyone on the Team with much-needed help, support, coaching, and mentoring.

2.) Access to our dedicated private Telegram App Group chat for all Team members where they can get inside info on the same methods we use to make six figures every year.

Ask any questions you want there, we’re bound to have an answer.

This includes additional money-making methods that are outside the scope of our core business.

If we find something new that’s working great for us, we will share it with the Team.

3.) You’ll have full access to everything in our exclusive Success Story Team custom marketing funnel that you are looking at right now.

It will explain the benefits and features of the Team and core business for you so you don’t have to do it yourself.

This includes custom spam-free follow-up emails sent out automatically by autoresponder.

These will give you a huge advantage over anyone else that is not on our Team.

4.) You will get access to all of our free and paid advertising methods and sources.

Access to hands-free premium traffic that you can get from our Success Story Team Traffic Rotator, no need to worry about where to get good traffic any more.

Many of you need or want a way to get consistent, passive traffic to your marketing funnel.

That is without having to do all the testing yourself to find out what actually converts the best.

This is our job and your hands-free solution.

5.) You will get full access to our exclusive Success Story Team Call Center.

Our professional closers can handle all your follow-up and close your sales for you while you’re at work or even while you sleep.

You can leave all the selling to seasoned professionals.

This is a completely optional service that costs 20% per sale made and most members find that to be more than worth it.

There is no cost to you if we do not close a sale.

6.) You are given permission to use these bonuses in your marketing as if they were your own.

Leverage our experiences in internet marketing to propel you to the next level.

You will only be able to get these 6 exclusive Success Story Team Bonuses here.

We will be adding even more bonuses as time goes on.

I’m only scratching the surface of what Success Story Team really has to offer.

This is the only place in the world you can get what we have to offer.

I really am here to help you and your Success Story Team in any way I can.

Go to the Success Story Team now:

You can call, text, private message, or email me with any questions.

You can reach me by phone and email here:
(please mention “The Success Story Team”)

Phone: 4oh5-401-0327
(* replace “4oh5” with “405” – done to stop spam)

Email: david[@]
(* remove the “[ ]” from “@” – done to stop spam)

Here’s my Facebook IM:
(you must have a free Facebook Messenger account and be logged in for this link to work)

Thanks – David

by David Harris | Updated on August 10, 2023, at 10:21 AM CST:


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I have read through your presentation word for word! With 40 years of successes and failures in the field, I’ve seen it all!!! And, I like what I see !! SST (You and Ann) is offering a platform for open-minded people who dream of building a sustainable online business and have no idea how to make it happen. Both, the passive income product and the one-time, high ticket purchase package with 24-hour direct payment to the lead holder are extremely relevant and will be highly sought after by all generations as the internet continues to evolve as a vital element to our lives. I’m very intrigued, to say the least!
All my Best.

Thank you for this post Billy. It’s much appreciated. I’m glad to hear you like SST. I sent a reply email to the address you posted here.

Hey, struggling to find a profitable online business because of my requirements which are: I’m an Introvert, don’t like showing my face on social media,sales person no no, any recommendations? Thanks

Hi Fiona, you just described Success Story Team to the “T”. This is exactly why I put it together. There is no need to show your face so being an introvert wouldn’t matter. I just released the new and improved SST. I welcome you to take another look if it’s been a while since you’ve last visited the site. – David

Edward D Watkins on :

I am trying to find an online business and after many attempts to find credible opportunities I’m left feeling confused.

David Harris on :

Hi Edward, I hear this exact thing all the time. This is the very reason why I put together Success Story Team. You didn’t leave your email so you can reach me directly here: – David

Dennis Downie on :

My email is *******
I would love to find an online business to start so far nothing but scams need your help looking forward to hearing from you


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