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Six Figure Income

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Six Figure Income Review

Six Figure Income or SFI is from Carson Services and is found online at and

SFI stands for “Six Figure Income” as well as an alternative “Strong Future International”.

And they are also known by the name “SFI Marketing”.

They are an affiliate program / multi-level marketing program set up to drive referrals into a business called “Triple Clicks”.


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It’s an online mall of Internet Marketing products.

You make commissions when the people you refer make purchases from that store.

There are also points rewards types of income streams Six Figure Income offers. also includes a residual income stream from creating a multi-level marketing styled downline team.

There are a number of SFI products you can promote ranging from web hosting to other monthly subscription type products as well.

The deal is like any other affiliate programs out there:

The more people you refer to, the more money you make.

One of the issues I found with SixFigureIncome was that it is not really suited for beginners who don’t know how to get traffic to their ads or referral link.


This Six Figure Income review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.

There is no training on that here.

However, most experienced affiliate marketers will already know how how to convert traffic into sales.

Six Figure Income is mainly an affiliate shopping center of products to market.

Six Figure Income has been around a while, and in that time they have also lowered their commission pay so it is not easy to generate a decent income from them even with lots of referrals.

We do not recommend multi-level marketing programs as the MLM failure rate is quite high in general.

Just joining Six Figure Income is only the start of a long line of product buying and training classes…

Needed to make something like this just about break even if you already have a huge sales list that buys from you frequently.

I am not saying SFI Marketing is a scam.

I am saying this method takes a lot more expertise and following than most beginners have by a long shot.

For beginners, there are far better affiliate marketing training systems out there than Six Figure Income.


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It is full of all kinds of products and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could be spending a lot for little in return.

If you already have traffic and a working system you should steer from this one.

I don’t recommend SixFigureIncome from Carson Services.

Thanks for reading our Six Figure Income review.

By expert author David Harris.



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