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Mindfield Online

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Mindfield Online

by David Harris

Mindfield, or Mindfield Online, found at scam, is a paid survey site that is owned by McMillion Research LLC. 

It is free to become a member, and if you reside in the United States or Canada you could earn very small amounts of cash paid by check or through Paypal.

You would be eligible to win money (usually up to $100) in their sweepstakes.

Mindfield is a reputable, legitimate company.

In the market research survey field, it does not appear many of Mindfield Online members are all that happy with them.

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A good news point to be made about Mindfield Online would be that you only need to reach $5 in order to cash out. 

Many companies require you to reach a $20-50 level before getting paid.

However, there seem to be issues with Mindfield that make them not as appealing. 

I will say this company is not a scam, per se… there are just too many negative aspects to them in comparison to other market research companies. 

Here are a few of those issues.

With Mindfield, you do not get instant credit after completing a survey you’ve qualified for.

Their policy is to credit you within 10-14 days after a survey closes. 

Not after you complete your part… rather after the entire survey is closed – which could take months.

From my research, people who are members of multiple survey sites contend Mindfield sends out fewer survey opportunities than most.

It appears likely you will qualify to complete the surveys less often than with many other sites as well.

I’m not saying you should become a member of a paid survey company based on the size of sweepstakes payouts.

But the fact is whereas some company’s sweepstakes pay cash awards in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Mindfield sweepstakes are limited to the hundreds of dollars. 

Often less.

The average pay for completing surveys through Mindfield is said to be between $1-5.

But it appears in actuality that number is most often “1”. 

And again, that’s assuming you didn’t spend a fair amount of time filling out the survey before finding out you didn’t qualify.

Mindfield does have a program called Live Now.

Whereby associating your Mindfield account with your personal Facebook account you can qualify for additional surveys without waiting for the 1 or so a week you might qualify for through their emails to you.

But frankly, this doesn’t seem all that appealing either.

My take on Mindfield Online is that it does not qualify as a scam.

But it would be toward the bottom of my Not Recommended list of ways to make money. 

Mindfield doesn’t necessarily rip you off… they just don’t offer you as much as most reputable market research companies.

I do not recommend “Mindfield Online” because Survey Club is a much better option…

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Overall Rating

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I am having major problems with MindField right now. I am 2/3 finished with a study and have not received the next survey link to help me move forward. Because I was recruited through a third party, MindField is doing nothing to resolve the issue or help me in any way. This was supposed to be a $50 payout and I will get nothing because they will not try to solve the problem, even though it is out of my control. I would never recommend them as it is a huge waste of time for bad service and zero reward.


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