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Ad Experts Scam Review

by David Harris

“Ad Experts”, found at, is a business that runs on several formats including multi-level marketing, selling an advertising agency service to home business owners and a forced matrix.

There are also several issues that make Ad Experts a bit questionable in their practices including doubts of true ownership and related discrepancies, self aggrandizement and overall problematic business model factors.

First, I address the fact that the owner has not mentioned advertised or even endorsed Ad Experts on either his own websites, blogsite, nor any of his social media sites. Very peculiar indeed.

Second, the Ad Experts website and its partner site Home Business Magazine are both registered out of Belize, which would not be notable except the owner does not do business out of Belize himself. Incidentally, the Belize address is nonexistent.

Also, the self aggrandized Home Business Giant is really nothing but a blog site, not the business mogul it leads you to believe. All they do is re-post its own “magazine’s” articles.

Another strange thing is the language on Ad Experts disclaimers. It is copied word for word from Empower Network. Now, on to the peculiarities of the product they sell.

Ad Experts sells a small ad banner for $300, which they claim they send your ad targeted traffic. Annoyingly, the ad goes to a “Launching Soon” parked page.

If you are an affiliate selling the banners you would make a 50% commission, however, Ad Experts requires you have at least 2 people under you in a matrix system.

Ad Experts also only pays commissions when the minimum 2 new positions have been bought by your other affiliates, whether new or existing.

To join this multi-level scheme, the cost is $400 dollars plus ‘admin fee’, whatever that is.

This Ad Experts system is really very close to a pyramid scheme, except for its super shoddy ad banner that goes nowhere other than to the other affiliates in the program.

Ad Experts amounts to just another matrix styled recruitment scheme.

I would not recommend this even to people I might not like, but humor aside I will not recommend it to anyone. It’s a scam. Stay away from it.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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