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Hey David thank you so much for your services I was about to invest money with the millionaire website and also some push-button site but then I looked for reviews and came across your link and after reading them decided not to do anything stupid and give you a recommendations a shot thank you so much Robert Montell San Diego California

Robert Montell

I am so very GLAD I stumbled on your site while researching another "potential job opportunity". I too have been scammed by internet frauds and have been keeping a list of what I have found so far but my list is far shorter than yours. I will make it my mission to check your site first from now on. I have a bad back so home jobs are the way to go for me now that I am in my 60's. Unfortunately, it's the need to earn an income that sometimes leads us to make choices we would not normally pursue. I am certain these thieves know this all too well. Thank you Dave Harris for all your hard work and please know you are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mary

Mary Beitman

I joined your site today after using it to review the link posting scams of Mary Rogers, Robinson, and www.securebusinesssites.com. I was very inclined to send them $97 to join their "membership." I am caring for my disabled wife and our four children. As our financial situation has become more dire and we are awaiting litigation in her disability case, our only car has broken down. Now impossible for me to work outside the home, I am seeking a legitimate at home work opportunity. Your investigation and report has saved me time and money, both of which I do have to waste at this stressful time. Thanks again and while I haven't found the right fit for me to work at home, your site has saved me from throwing my money to scam artists who prey on people in similar situations as mine. Regards, Rick Thom

Rick Thom

Very great help, inspiration and a saver of time, perfect service.


Hi David, Thank you for your reply I have managed to join and log in, I think I need new glasses ! I am very impressed with your site. Due to nerve damage in my spine after many years work in construction landscaping and demolition I am looking to work from home. I am amazed at the number of scams ! If these people could collectively put their time and effort into some legitimate they would make a fortune ! Best Regards, Ian Lomax.

Ian Lomax

Hi: Well, it looks like I have been had. "Stayathomerevenue, Michelle Withrow". Purchased the program yesterday. Gone over videos and instructions and I am sooooooo overwhelmed I don't know if I am coming or going. Going to try and get my money back. All I want as a fixed income retiree is to work on line for a few hours a week and make some extra money. Any suggestions for me? Wish I had checked ScamxPoser before I purchased, but not another cent to them, thanks to You. Hope you can give me some sound advice. Thankyou for what you do. Lillian, Canada

Lillian Sauve

I am so glad I found this site! I have a lot of friends who are actors, musicians, and other people who are often trying out "the next big thing"... that usually turned out to be a waste of time and money. I have had to go to so many "business opportunity meetings", and often would try to help out my friends buy buying something I didn't really need or even want. Now I can help my friends (and myself) by pointing them to your site! ScamXposer not only can save time and money - but friendships! Thank you David Harris - and may you have a wonderful life!


Thank you and God bless you for looking out for the PEOPLE!

Sharon Rybak

I think this site is EXCELLENT!!!! I found 2 great work from home jobs so far and i don't think I'm gonna stop there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such a great site! i have been looking so long for a site like this that gives you so many options in one place. because of this site and the opportunity i found here, i am finally going to be able to get out of debt and not have to worry about where my and my 3-year old son's next meal is coming from. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


I was taken by a internet scam. Mr Harris helped me put a closure to my wondering if I would ever get my money back---which I will not. I thank Mr. David Harris.


David Thanks a million for ScamXposer.com. I was just getting ready to join Process At Home because it sounder soooo good. Rebate Processing! Too Good To Be True!! You just saved me $197.00. There you had this offer listed in the opportunities which you had reviewed. My lucky day!! Thanks,

David Selvy

I was about to spend $197 @ www.processathome.com, til I looked @ your website. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH. I AM KEEPING MY $197.


I Found A Program That I Was Getting Ready To Buy And Up On Looking On Your Site I Found It To Be A Scam Ty So Much U Saved Me 50 bucks. Keep Up The Great Job U Are Doing.


I wanted to thank you for building scamxposer. I found it to be a very reliable website. I also wanted to tell you that I loved the picture of your daughter with the newsletter tshirt. So adorable.

Grace C.

You saved me from buying Angel Stephens rebate processing deal. I stumbled onto your website and read the not recommended businesses and rebate processors was on there...... they are truly misleading in thier advertising. They do not come close to letting the buyer know it is an affliate marketing thing and not a true rebate job. Thanks for your website..... I have subscribed to your newletter.

Lynne Jones

Hey David, I can see that you have a lot of great information on this great website. I plan to refer back to it often. Keep up the good work! From me,

Paul D.

Mr. Dave - Bless you !!! How refreshing it is to finally find someone, a real live person that genuinely cares about others.

Betty Tauzier

Wow, David!...You're absoulutely THE BEST! ... Thank You, Thank You!!


..Thank you for this very inportant information. I knew it was too good to be true.

Albert V

Dear sir Thanks a lot. I was just going to invest in some of the auto surf programs and I just opened e-gold account. Due to some reason or other particularly to know and understand the process of withdrawing from e-gold account in India , I delayed the process. You saved me. Regards,

Mr Inmoy

Dear David, .... Thank you for all of the great advice.

Hello David, If there is anything like love at first sight, it happened with me when I accidentally landed on your site. It is a rare happening that one comes across sites like yours - totally honest and unbaised. I honestly feel that nobody should go for a business opportunity for oneself or recommend it to someone else before checking with you. I'm very much looking forward to getting your newsletters. All the best


I am so thankful that there is a man out there in cyberspace that is willing and able to help those of us who are ignorant in the online business market. He is a godsend and I will SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!.

Heather M

Thank You, David! for what you do and your accessibility.


Thank you Mr. Harris for the job you are doing! It is a relief to know there are people like yourself out there helping people with the internet. It is sad that in this country of many blessings that there are such a multitude of predators trying to make a living by scamming. May God bless you & your family. Sincerely,

Mark D. Smithey

David - I can't believe you offer this service for free. It is really really appreciated. I've discovered there isn't too much of anything on the web offered for free. You are a gem.


...I was on the brink of signing up for a rebate processing job that guaranteed $15 per rebate. I thought let me see if I can find out if such a thing is legitimate or not. As I was scrolling through sites I came across yours and after about 10 minutes of reading found out the way they really work. Thank you so much for letting us poor folks who often need some help because of unexpected changes in life circumstances know what these schemes are really about.

David L.

...Great! Thank you sooo much! Your site ROCKS!!!

Eddie L.

i was looking online for a way to make money. when i found this site i started looking at it and my first thought was here we go again, wonder what this guy is trying to sell. so i started just scrolling reading bits and peices waiting for the spot where he tells me this one is perfect. well guess what. i never found it, so i go back to the top and start reading, so far so good not trying to sell me something yet. but i am still waiting for it.when i finally reach the bottom reading, i was like wow no sales pitch,whats up with that.i then looked at his recommended sites. in short from here on out i signed up to 2 of his sites he had listed as good (both were free by the way) and that was about 3 days ago. now i have already made money. i am an average joe i promise and if i can do it. a monkey mite possibly be able to do it. so this is a great site everything i have checked out so far has been on the up and up. and like i said i have done made money with one of the sites listed on scamxposer. in less than 3 days and signing up was free. so this site is the real deal as far as i am concerned and soon as i am done writing this review i will be signing up for the newsletter.

john h.

I received an email about completing surveys for money only proven to yield non-viable leads. The most lucrative offer I received during the process was to "get paid $2" to complete a survey. What I found even more ludicrous was the offers for $1. I am not expecting to get rich but $2 is not enough to buy a gallon of gas. I continued to search for an option of financial means to supplement my income to no avail. After finding yet additional disappointments such as claims of financial opportunities for "rebate processors" I became frustrated and wondered if there was any way that I could check out a business promising to "add to my income" before losing any more money signing up for misleading business opportunities. After checking the Better Business Bureau and finding nothing, I began surfing the internet, stumbled across the Scamxposer website, and kept it in the back of my mind. When another seemingly feasible business opportunity presented itself, I was more than tempted to check them out but I had second thoughts because this new opportunity seemed valid since they offered a money-back guarantee. Still, I checked them out and imagine my surprise when the Scamxposer rated them as "NOT RECOMMENDED." I was shocked to say the least!! This website has kept me from wasting MORE MONEY, MORE TIME, HASSLE, AND DISAPPOINTMENT. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! IT IS THE BEST!!! Each time I think about pursuing other online opportunities, I check here first and I have saved a lot of money $$$.

Brenda G.

Hello... I only wish I had found your site sooner. I would have saved myself lots of time and money. The false advertising makes me boil! Thanks for your reviews.


Hey David, I don't know how you can do this site for free, giving out what I think is some money saving piece of mind information, but I am so happy you do. Too many scams out there and for someone like you to guide us through the jungle of fast talking crooks makes looking for the real stuff a lot easier. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I feel lucky to have come across this site.

Cynthia K.

This site has opened my eyes so much! There are sooo many sites on his "not recommended' list that I thought were legit. This site has saved me money and time. Thank you so much. I will NEVER again join a site without checking here first.


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