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Make Money With Meghan

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Make Money With Meghan Review

Make Money With Meghan by Meghan Thompson, Tim Atkinson, and Zak Mefta, found at is a terrible affiliate marketing training system for newcomers.

It’s a heavily recycled program.

But it’s a step by step program with a website, domain name, and hosting for about $100 to start with and monthly fees.

The fees on “Make Money With Meghan” include a prefab website everybody else that buys this system uses.

Many that you’ll be directly competing with for the same traffic and business.

A business that is already tough enough to get with a unique top professionally made site.

Much less with one of these Make Money With Meghan provides.

This has no real secret formula.

There’s nothing ‘automatic’ about it, as they claim it is.

There will be a tremendous amount of work to do for very small returns for all the effort you’ve put in.

There are many discrepancies in the information on the website which raises red flags.

Quickly visible to the trained eye are the photo-shopped Clickbank, Clicksure, and PayPal graphics that play with the numbers.

They just don’t add up nor do they synch with the progress bars below the figures.

Always be wary of repackaged products like Make Money With Meghan when you see them offering a system they claim makes the owners $45,000 a day for free.

Be especially wary when you see them actually sell it to you for about a hundred bucks or so with monthly fees attached once you sign in for more info.

Not only that but be highly suspicious when they claim you’ll make ridiculously huge money on the very day you get started.

As if all this isn’t bad enough, they prey on those who know nothing about affiliate marketing and niche marketing.

It’s an old gimmick that’s been around as long as the internet.

The makers of Make Money With Meghan really are the only ones who make money from this scheme by selling this cookie-cutter website to as many of you as possible.

And profiting more from their own products you promote on the cookie-cutter site they rent you.

Worse, they have you name your domain with Meghan’s name and product in there somewhere, like makingmeghanmoney.sucker.

This will not be your own business and you will not be making the vast sums of money these awful tricksters are making.

There is also a rather substantial amount of valuable information Make Money With Meghan leaves out in their so-called training.

Such as at least a basic course in HTML coding, or any kind of decent support.

And how getting real dependable traffic really works.

Once you’ve signed up with Make Money With Meghan you will notice a shipload of spam from similar companies.

That is because your data is sold by them to third party clients so these guys can try to make even more money off of you.

Several angry customers have claimed that “Make Money With Meghan” has even charged their credit cards several hundred dollars before they could notice the depletion of their accounts.

This is a terrible product with no way for you to make a lot of money with it.

This is a terrible business opportunity.

I do not recommend

Thanks for reading our Make Money With Meghan review.

by David Harris



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