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Type of Business: Get Paid To Website
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Income Potential: Gift Cards & Rewards Points
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SuperPay.Me Review

by David Harris

“SuperPay.Me”, by 99Ventures and found at, is a GPT, or, “Get Paid To” website you might earn a little extra rewards points and/or money through completing surveys, trial offers, etc.

SuperPay.Me also pays you when you use their referral system, so it also has its own kind of multi-level marketing.

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The MLM part of SuperPay.Me requires that you maintain a sizeable and active downline in order to make worthwhile commissions from their activities.

In order to have a worthwhile downline will take quite a bit of work.

The commissions are relatively smaller for your trouble than most MLM’s.

SuperpayMe has a minimum cash-out of a dollar, $1.00 on either Paypal, Payza or Skrill.

Apparently they are available worldwide, although some countries get a lot fewer chances at offers.

At press time, they mostly service US, UK, Australia, and Canada mainly.

So it would not be very worthwhile to others for certain things like surveys and such.

SuperPay.Me doesn’t have much in the way of customer service or a forum or any way for members to share opinions and experiences with each other,

Make sure you follow their conditions instructions and terms, as SuperpayMe is very strict on their policies and they don’t need much of an excuse to suspend or terminate your account.

Some of the main issues they have with violating the SuperPay.Me terms of service include false names, inaccurate addresses, Paypal payment info, etc.

However, there are a few other rare concerns on Superpay Me that I’ve seldom found on other GPT sites which include only qualifying to finish an offer through them once.

Superpay Me does not allow you to do the same ones on other sites, as they consider it fraud.

Using a proxy, VPN or shared IP addresses or computers also get you banned.

They also don’t seem to take too kindly to using the browser called Opera either.

They instantly label you a cheater if you use it.

You do have to keep your account active at least every 90 days for them to keep you in the system.

There is no high payout minimum and SuperPay.Me does not charge transfer fees to get paid 3 times daily with Instant Paypal.

SuperpayMe also has a social media presence which you can visit for extra promo code bonuses every day to see when they publish them at random.

There were a few downsides to SuperPay.Me that I found.

There are many people who have complained of wrongful cancelations, terminations, and non-payments.

Some complaints included little to no replies from any sort of customer service SuperPay.Me may or may not have.

Some angry users have called it an outright scam.

Others claim they have indeed been paid.

Taking all those complaints and Superpay Me’s tight restrictions and low MLM commissions…

I’d say since it’s free to join and it’s a gamble whether you will get paid or not…

Then I wouldn’t bother with it for such little returns.

You can certainly try SuperPay.Me for a little hobby fun.

But it’s no way to make a living, so I won’t recommend it for that reason.

I do not recommend “SuperPay.Me” because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

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Overall User Rating:

Overall Rating

4 Comments/Reviews

This site is a complete joke. You will never get paid- never- don’t waste your time. If you write a ticket you will get a rude reply- Here is an example You have already received a reply to both of your tickets. you have already received previous payments from us on your original account so to question our legitimacy is laughable. As you haven’t read our previous reply regarding the tone of your tickets, your original account isn’t blocked permanently yet, but if you continue to fail to read replies, then we’ll have no option but to delete all of your accounts permanently. we are too busy paying people and helping people who actually read the replies to their tickets to read this sort of nonsense. UHMMMMM I am the consumer- they are the merchant and I did read the replys- none of which answered my question. But this is how they do business. Don’t waste your time or your money. is definitely the most untrustworthy website I’ve ever come across.On multiple occasions, I’ve attempted to cash out from this abomination of a website, and anytime I tried they would always tell me that in order to gain access to my back.I would have to email documents that contain my personal information to the support staff.Like a drivers license or even a state identification card.If anybody reading this that hasn’t signed up for this, probably shouldn’t.But if you do I can guarantee that the same exact thing will happen to you at some point.

Superpayme is a scam with awful admin. Labeled me a cheater. I reply saying there must be mistake. They give warning and last chance. Next day i log in and still account pending so i ask why. Reply i get is your account banned now for repeated cheating. Unbelievable, i not do anything wrong first time, then while suspended in accused of repeated cheating on an account i couldnt access. This site scam, stay away.

Hello, would like to report that this superpayme site is becoming a scam.
My situation:
I just wanted to register, but it told me, that I’m already registered. So I asked for a login and password. Logged in and found that i’m marked as cheater.
p.s. I didn’t even work @ that site and didn’t have any money on balance.


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