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Moms Making Six Figures

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Moms Making Six Figures Review

Moms Making Six Figures found at is an affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing company that represents Melaleuca.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

Melaleuca sells health and cleansing products and recruits MLM marketers.

For a long time, Moms Making Six Figures was very closed and tight-lipped about what they were doing.

It took some time before anyone including myself could find anything substantial about them.

Moms Making Six Figures are claiming they are marketers who make money online for a health and wellness manufacturing company called Melaleuca.

MomsMakingSixFigures reps get people to join that horrible MLM we previously reviewed.


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And they make commissions off however big a product package they can sell them through the helping you set your business up angle.

Not necessarily knocking that, but if their Moms Making Six Figures reps are actually recruiting for their downline.


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Well, that’s something we almost never recommend as a way of making a living.

There are so many unhappy customers with complaints about the MLM products that Moms Making Six Figures are selling.

You should look at our previous review for further details on Melaleuca.

Most of those unhappy customers liken it to a shape that looks more like a pyramid.

Moms Making Six Figures will defend their stance with platitudes like “if you look at any business structure or organization chart it will look like a pyramid” and so on.

Even as they say stuff like that, they say they’re not even an actual MLM either.

I would agree to a certain extent that they are more like affiliate marketers than multi-level marketing recruiters.

But it’s not entirely true.

However, by getting people to pay to join and then pay for big product starter kits and monthly fees you make commissions off of skirts that narrowly.

Moms Making Six Figures sort of distances itself from trying to be an MLM.

They often chant that the products are sent directly to the customer from Melaleuca, making them commissions as affiliates.

MomsMakingSixFigures is not BBB accredited and has a low trust rating from online companies that do site checking.

They are very vague about what the company does in the first couple of pages.

Moms Making Six Figures doesn’t say how much you will make or what you have to pay upfront to join their program.

They only release information when you provide your personal info on the opt-in page.

Once in, they have your phone number, which they then call to get you to schedule an appointment for a conference call.

It is nothing more than a half-hour pre-recorded presentation about how to make money with Moms Making Six Figures.

Money spent with no forthcoming products was the next most daunting issue I found complained about by enough people for it to be worrisome.

The next problem was Melaleuca reps taking the money and calling it a consulting fee after they told you initially it was to buy your first line of product.

Then there are grievances about people canceling their involvement with Melaleuca.

Yet still getting charged by them on their cards for months and months after.

The truth is that Moms Making Six Figures tries to sell you products from the MLM and then get you to direct others to their site.

Once on the site, you get the others to buy the products too.

This is supposedly how you make your money from commission on what they buy.

In order to make any real income from Moms Making Six Figures, you have to get hundreds of others to spend hundreds of dollars worth of products.

The MLM’s products are way overpriced and similar to those found in your local supermarket or pharmacy.

You make money signing up everyone you can for a program that is misrepresented and very difficult to get out of…

And that also I do not recommend.

With all the red flags pointed at the MLM, Melaleuca, and other recent complaints lodged online about Moms Making Six Figures itself.

I say stay away from this and the company they represent if at all possible.

Thanks for reading our Moms Making Six Figures review.

By expert author David Harris. Updated on February 9, 2023, at 11:17 AM CST.



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I was suspicious because on the Moms Making Six Figures website they said they sold products from a “multinational corporation” that makes over a billion a year. But why not just tell people the name of the company? They don’t tell you exactly what you’ll do or how you earn an income either. Too many red flags for me. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Thanks for the info!


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