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Melaleuca MLM Review

The opportunity is from Frank VanderSloot and is a multi-level marketing or MLM health and beauty aids company.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

They focus on recruiting more and more downline recruiters rather than selling their products.

This means it’s becoming more and more of a pyramid scheme.

It would just barely brush the border of being a pyramid scheme if it wasn’t for the actual products being sold there.

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How many of those products go to actual end users and not business builders is the top determiner of that.

Stating right from the start it was very easy to find a multitude of complaints, rip off-site reports, and negative reviews about Melaleuca.

As well as Melaleuca’s cult-like reps and allegations of the products being very unsafe.


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These are all red flags to be very wary of…

Mostly, the primary issue we have with MLM businesses like Melaleuca is that the majority of people, 95%+, that get involved in any MLM business opportunities will never succeed at them.

And this MLM business is certainly no exception to that rule.

Many complaints about Melaleuca deal with sales team misrepresentations when trying to recruit people.

But some of the most disturbing issues registered online have been of actual unauthorized charges made to the credit cards people used to get involved with the company.

Money spent with no forthcoming products was the next most daunting issue I found that was complained about.

Melaleuca MLM Product Line

This was by enough people for it to be more than worrisome.

The next problem was with reps taking the money and calling it a consulting fee.

This was after they told you initially it was to buy your first line of products.

Things like this have been the reason for the mounting complaints they are faced with.

Then there are grievances about people canceling their involvement with Melaleuca.

Yet they still get charged by them on their credit cards for months and months afterward.

Several of their products actually list warnings of being hazardous to your health, as well as the danger of toxicities.

Melaleuca reps are told not to say that any of their products are non-toxic, but rather to say that they are non-caustic.

I have no idea why anyone would have anything to do with this company knowing all of these things.

This is more of an issue of integrity.

This is nothing more than them just making excuses for a bad company selling bad products.

And they are overpriced products at that.

Selling an MLM business is hard enough without all of these extra difficulties added on top.

However you slice it, is definitely not a business we will ever recommend.

Thanks for reading our Melaleuca MLM review.

by David Harris | Updated on January 9, 2023, at 9:12 AM CST:



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Debra Briggs on :

My aunt was in this MLM Melaleuca a long time ago. I still remember her showing it to my mother. She, unfortunately, did not do very well with it. I would say that this review is spot on. DB


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