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MobileXpression Review is an online mobile market research panel created to collect consumer usage and opinions about mobile internet apps and websites.

This information is gathered for companies that use the research for adjusting and improving marketing plans that target people who use mobile phones.

Eligibility includes being 18 years old and up.

And you must own a qualified mobile smartphone from a participating mobile phone carrier that accepts application software downlo.

You download MobileXpression’s free mobile app and allow it to monitor your mobile phone usage, then send them the data they need.

It is free to join.

All of this is for gift cards and rewards points.

It may seem like a bait and switch because the major prizes they list are very rare wins, but more on this in a moment.

What’s different about MobileXpression is that they won’t really have you do a lot of surveys, but you can accept their optional survey invites via email.

Also, their minimum payout cap is only $5.

You get your first $5 gift card if you leave the app on your phone for at least a week.

MobileXpression claims they donate a tree after 90 days.

Then each month keep the smartphone app on after, to a group called Trees For Knowledge.

You are also entered in their weekly sweepstakes for prizes of up to $100,000, however, no one has yet to claim to be a winner publicly.

They say that everyone wins, and in a technical sense, that is true.

Almost 100% of MobileXpression members win $5 dollar gift card rewards just for keeping the app installed.

However, only about 1% to 0.05% supposedly win any of the major prizes they list.

Not one person in any of the forums has ever posted any other winnings other than the $5 gift card.

To add, the so-called emailed survey invites are few and far between and you may not qualify.

May complaints say you get kicked off without getting your rewards for not following their Terms Of Service.

It is marked as a safe app to download and use.

But, you should be aware that you will be giving MobileXpression complete access to your mobile device, be it a phone or tablet.

Many users have reported that they have experienced a slight to moderate battery drain.

And slower usage due to this app’s constant monitoring through its own VPN (a virtual private network).

While others say they’ve had a few issues with the service, they also aren’t boasting about winning anything noteworthy.

Also, it can be a challenge to try and uninstall the app unless you follow the uninstall guide’s hoops to jump through.

Mostly what they want is to see how you use your phone, games and other apps you download and utilize, and other uses.

It might smack of Big Brother surveillance tactics to some.

We can’t really call it a scam, since you do get at least the $5 gift card after you install and keep it on for a week.

Due to all these other factors, however, we do not recommend MobileXpression as something to take your phone over for almost nothing in return.

Thanks for reading our MobileXpression review.

by David Harris | Updated on September 21, 2022, at 11:29 AM CST:



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Great write up on MobileXpression. scamxposer is my new go to place for these reviews. THanks!


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