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Jeunesse Global MLM Review

Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is from Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray and found at, it’s a health and beauty aid company.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme full of complaints.

It uses MLM (multi-level marketing) as its core business marketing and distribution model.

In other words, Jeunesse Global distributors are encouraged to recruit as many people for their downline as they can get instead of focusing attention on actually selling the products.

I won’t really delve too much into the actual self-proclaimed anti-aging products that provides.


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I also won’t get too much into the multiple patent infringement cases filed against Jeunesse and its owners either.

But they indeed have been taken to court.

The member complaints have been a big issue here as well.


This review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.

Their rather overpriced products have widely mixed results from users of skin creams and juice cocktails who have tried and reviewed their products.

Jeunesse MLM Review

The number of complaints about the products outweighs the so-called positive praises that obviously look as if they were written by Jeunesse distributors themselves.

Or even corporate employees to offset the many complaints that have been registered against them online.

Most people working in almost any MLM / multi-level marketing type of company as a startup distributor will experience results of 97% to 99% failure rates and is no different.

The amount of money you must invest in fees, sales kits, advertising, marketing, promotion, etc., to sell the Jeunesse goop will definitely leave you in the red.

And, of course, make the top 1% of members their cushy high dollar income takes.

Your losses in are exactly how the top earners end up making their money.

Most new members will come in, stick with this anywhere from 1 to 6 months, giving it a go, only end up realizing that it is a total waste of time and money to continue any further.

All the while earning the top 1% of their fortune during those 1 to 6 months.

The top 1%’s claims of success are really founded on the misfortunes of others.

That’s a great business model there guys… really great.

The 30-day refund from Jeunesse does not include any of the shipping charges.

And there are several hoops to jump through correctly to qualify for that refund.

While that may not be a deal-breaker for some, it could end up costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on which level you came in on.

I cannot recommend the Jeunesse Global MLM as any kind of viable way to earn a living or to even make more than you spend for that matter.

Even if you have a huge list of blindly faithful followers who will buy anything from you. is not the way to earn a substantial income from home for the average person.

Thanks for reading our review.

By expert author and editor, David Harris.



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Overall Rating

16 Comments/Reviews

Donna Butlerhall on :

Hi David, I have just been contacted after trying to find a legitimate work from home business. I was keen to look into this and give it a try, but reading your comments I am now having second thoughts. Some others are saying that this is not a scam, I am happy to try and new products and sell them but wish not to get hooked up into a pryamid selling. The link I am listening to talks about selling the actual product not pryamid. Heavly confussed!! Hope you can help wihit more information.

maxvasquez on :

Donna, while the products offered may be fine and dandy, usually the mark-up is at least 2 or 3 times what is on the market shelves, so your profit margin is not that big. But that is not the focus of our concern. The MLM recruitment and its 99% failure rate is.

Teri Zambrano on :

Don’t remember the actual website, but I went away for one week (May 28th – June 5th) I received 5 boxes, and 3 different types of anti-aging creams but none of them have a phone #. Or paperwork except 1 the paperwork says Jeunesse Medica but the product is Regenerate. I also revived “brio” no info just 2 bottles. Last I got “allegro, 3 bottles all for different applications” no info provided & I’m afraid they are going to charge me $$$ for these things which I didn’t order. They are all anti-aging-related, I have no clue what to do because I can’t call them to ask. Can you help, or give me advice? I am grueling grateful. Thank you

maxvasquez on :

Teri, talk to the sponsor who got you in or lookup their website for a corporate phone number

Have you ever considered publishing an ebook or guest authoring on other websites?

I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Joseph De Luca on :

I wouldn’t consider or recommend anyone to doing business with Jeunesse / Jeunesse Global, or Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis and a hidden smoke screen member named Adam Vincent Gilmer. There suppot team in Utah or the Head quarters in Florida ( Altamonte Springs Florida 32714) / (650 Douglas Avenue Altamonte Springs Florida 32714 ) Have no idea how to handle most or any calls no matter what the issue is.

Example, For say calling to ask is there any known issue with the Jeunesse website, get told none at all, then say well while writing a ticket report and hit send, that the server on Jeunesse side timed-out leading to the ticket never sent, hence wasted time to writing it in the first place. Suddenly then they say YES we are aware of that issue and working on it. Then remind them that they were just asked if there were issues and how long will it take for issue to be fixed. Answer is they don;t know, yet.

Scott Lewis and the there team advisors for the website should know time frame of when it would be fixed. I would know an ETA of an issue seeing I am in that world of tech savvy world and certified of fixing issues. We here in Las Vegas Nevada were taken for a ride, poured our hard earned money, time, efforts to only be destroyed by Adam Vincent Gilmore MYSMGR program that thousands of dollars spent on, and yet throws away an opportunity for the Las Vegas team to knocking it out of the park with a Trade Show event to be held at The Las Vegas Convention Center during Mr. Olympia 2015, never get Jeunesse/ Adam Vincent Gilmore, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott to coming out to really blow it out of the park.

Instead the entire team in Las Vegas sat working hard on dead inbound phone calls to answer Adam Vincent Gilmore My Social Media Gold Rush program. Funny part is while running a self ad on my behalf, had the phones ringing more then his t.v or radio show ads and got scrolled when I came in with a person whom could speak 7 different languages, was from Romania, and was so excited and couldn’t wait to talk with Adam Vincent Gilmore, even if they did talk, the lead went to sleep after many attempts to inform Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott, & Adam Vincent Gilmore the importance it was to helping out on our event and got NO SUPPORT.

Funny how a company can say they are ” One Family, One Team”, that I can tell you is far from the truth. Also funny to see those that found that Jeunesse/ Jeunesse Global a scam that they are selling the products on Amazon, E-Bay, Craigslist, and many other areas that I found for far less then it was originally bought in for, and there answer would be all you had to do was “Get Two the Store, and it is PAID for You”, well when you have bad folks like Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott, Adam Vincent Gilmore, Bob Noxon, Gary C Davis, that is only there to Taking Your Money and Not even care what happens to you at all..

For me I don’t need that kind of Family at all, to me you became my worst friend ever and have put Jeunesse/ Jeunesse Global on blast to a global world of not to do any business with them what so ever.

branding give aways on :

What’s up friends, good piece of writing and nice arguments commented here, I am really enjoying by these.

oiukgrdfbgr77 on :

This website definitely has all of the info I
wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to

Anyone who actually studies his claim though will note that he claims a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize (which would not be given for medical research, while the Nobel Prize for Medicine would), then goes on to say that it is a nomination for Nobel Prize in the area of stem cell research (which does not exist as a category).
Kind regards
Dag Kühle-Gotovac
Head of Administration
The Norwegian Nobel Institute

This company wants you to be a distributor. However, they market their products and sell on Amazon at the same cost they offer to distributors leaving no room for markup. They suggest you can sell one bottle of LUMINESCE™ CELLULAR REJUVENATION SERUM for $130 yet you can buy two on Amazon for $92 with free shipping. The start up fees are high. The shipping is even worse. One shipment of instantly ageless will cost you Amazon Prices and an $11 shipping charge. Definitely a scam.

Piotrvasquez on :

Actually they said that employees are not allowed to be part “of the business” so no, they are definitely not trying to get me to buy anything. I’m just a bit afraid of job security because pyramid schemes seem to cycle out and go out of business eventually.

Piotrvasquez on :

I got a job interview with Jeunesse to work at their headquarters in customer service department. Do you think I should run away from this company?? Are they going to eventually go out of business?

maxvasquez on :

ok, here’s what we think might be the deal… that “HQ customer service dept” might be a misleading recruitment jargon for becoming a multi-level marketing agent for them. if you get even a whiff that they might ask you to refer others in your family and friends then, yes, run as fast as you can from them and disown whatever friend tried to rope you into it. However, if it truly is customer service you might as well hear them out, but chances are slim that would be true. Thanks for your inquiry and let us know how it turns out for you!

Dear David,
Thanks that you took your time writing this review about Jeunesse. A friend of mine actually asked me to join Jeunesse, that why I am surfing though the net trying to see whether its good or not. I actually like how you named quite a lot negativ things about Jeunesse. I actually don’t care if I can make money out of it I just want to try the product and become healthy:) I am as alway a bit critical thats why I would want to know some facts. Is it really as horrible as you said? And can you please send me some more facts about the product? Thanks!

maxvasquez on :

Thanks for your inquiry. Our reports focus mainly on the multi-level marketing aspect of any product based company that uses mlm as a marketing business model. The failure rate is invariably 97% to 99% failure rate to to any number of factors too many to list here.The product itself may be of use to you and we do not wish to delve into the quality of product, etc., only the MLM business model.


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