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Jeunesse Global Review by David Harris Jeunesse Global, by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, found at, is a Health and Beauty Aids company. It uses MLM (multi-level marketing) as its business marketing model. In other words, Jeunesse distributors are encouraged to recruit as many people for their downline as they can get instead of focusing attention on actually selling the products. I won’t really delve too much into the actual self-proclaimed anti-aging products Jeunesse provides. I also won’t get …


MyFFI Review by David Harris “MyFFI”, from the infamous MLM duo, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and found at, is a multi-level marketing venture that uses a fuel additive treatment as its main product to attract recruitments to its downline. These two also have another multi level marketing business called Jeunesse that has also had its share of complaints. MyFFI is also known as Fuel Freedom and Forever Freedom. The amount of complaints posted online against MyFFI is massive …
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