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Fast Start Side Hustle

Overall Rating: Overall Rating
Type of Business: DFY Income System
Skill Level Needed: Beginner
Income Potential: $500 to $15,750 per sale
Recommended: No

Fast Start Side Hustle Review

The Fast Start Side Hustle income opportunity is from Adam Holland and found at

FSSH is no longer available. Go here for a much better alternative.

FSSH is touted as being a $50,000+ per month income potential business.

So I, of course, wanted to see what Fast Start Side Hustle was all about.

Adam touts this as… “Earn Up To $15,750 Per Day Without Learning “Tech”, Marketing, or Sales!”.

Fast Start Side Hustle from Adam Holland

In a nutshell, Fast Start Side Hustle is supposed to be for those that do not yet have the time and freedom to start or run a business themselves.

Adam Holland has been an Internet marketer since 2007 and has done very well for himself in that span.



This review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.


He is the owner of Adam Holland Marketing located at with an impressive list of clientele.

Note: Although I recommend Adam Holland’s FastStartSideHustle home-based income opportunity, Success Story Team would be a much better fit for most as it is very similar yet costs substantially less…

About 10 times less.

You’ll definitely want to check it out before joining FSSH or anything else.

Best Alternative.


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I’ve spoken with Adam at length about and know that he is honest and will do what he says he will.

FSSH is NOT some kind of MLM, Pyramid Scheme, Gifting Program, or anything else illegal, questionable, or objectionable.

Fast Start Side Hustle is a real business that has the potential to earn you $1,500 to $15,750 or more in a day.

The 3 biggest draws to Fast Start Side Hustle are;

#1: It’s a completely “Done For You” business where Adam and his team will close all the sales for you, for a fee.

#2: You get high-quality high-converting YouTube leads directly from Adam. The same leads he uses himself.

#3: You can earn from $1,500 up to $15,750 per sale made for you by Adam and his coaches.

Being “Done For You” means that every part of a highly profitable business is completely taken care of for you.

Including the development of products, building out the website, advertising, leads, and so on…

FastStartSideHustle AdamHolland

And absolutely everything else you need to get in sales.

Adam includes his own suite of proprietary products that far exceed the value of the product packages at the Ultra Royal level.

I estimate that the value of his products currently exceeds $100,000 and there are other products being added soon as well.

Hands-free “Done For You” sales where you’ll earn up to 75% per sale.

Very high-quality YouTube leads that convert into sales.

I really like what I’ve seen so far in his upgrades and updates to his new system.

Fast Start Side Hustle has its very own products, back office, and infrastructure.

FSSH Product Suite

Now as far as how much the products cost and how much you will earn from each sale they make for you…

Here are the 5 product Fast Start Side Hustle package levels and associated earnings potential:

  • First, there’s the $1,000 Bronze Level + $199 Admin Fee = $1,199 – pays up to $500 per sale.
  • Then the $3,000 Gold Level + $247 admin fee = $3,247 – pays up to $2,250 per sale.
  • And then the $7,000 Platinum Level + $447 admin fee = $7,447 – pays up to $5,250 per sale.
  • Next, the $14,000 Diamond Level + $647 admin fee = $14,647 – pays up to $10,500 per sale.
  • And finally, the $21,000 Ultra Royal + $847 admin fee = $21,847 – pays up to $15,750 per sale.

How much is the paid advertising they provide?

You can purchase extremely high-quality YouTube leads directly from from their advertising co-op for $12.00 each.

These are the exact same leads Adam uses for his own personal Fast Start Side Hustle business.

$12.00 per lead may sound like a lot, but when you are earning up to $15,750 per sale, it is more than reasonable.

1 share of the traffic co-op is $1,000.

Here are 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 co-op shares divvied out:

The $1,000 will get you 83 leads.

Then the $2,500 will get you 207 leads.

Next, the $5,000 will get you 415 leads.

And finally, the $10,000 package will get you 833 leads.

They are delivered by a traffic rotator so everyone in the co-op gets the exact share that they paid for.

This is where your sales will be coming from.

The leads will be closed into sales for you by the Fast Start Side Hustle coaches.

After you join FSSH they will guide you through their on boarding process that will go over everything you should expect from them.

With Adam’s new system, you will be getting data on everything.

FastStartSideHustle’s affiliate tracking software shows when your account gets booked calls with their closers.

These sales closers show up on time every time so you know your leads are not at risk of being ignored and essentially lost for good.

You will be able to see how many leads have made appointments.

How many of those appointments converted into sales and so on?

It takes money to make money and this is a very fast way to make a lot of money with no time investment on your end.

A portion of Adam’s income from this will be going to several charities.

I no longer recommend Adam Holland’s Fast Start Side Hustle because the site has had numerous out of service issues.

Besides that, the Success Story Team would be a much better fit for most as it’s exceedingly more affordable:
Best Alternative.

Thanks for visiting

By expert author David Harris.



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Overall Rating

6 Comments/Reviews

I have been in the program for several months and I can tell you it’s a Scam after they get your money the start to disappear when you reach out to them. The first few times they did respond then nothing. Also the so-called coach that had promised to be available to answer any question and concerns has also disappeared. Trust me do NOT get involved I lost every dime i put into this just another internet scam.

Michael York on :

Wow… that $21,000 top level ask blew me away…. really dont want to take out a loan. I think I will have to take another look at the success story team one.

In mid 2021… BAD experience with Adam Holland (with Mark Barnett) business company. Promised using videos of people opening checks after joining their business at different levels. Spent $8000 and he gave me back Nothing for it… Unlike what the people in videos are saying. It was just a come on, too good to be true marketing strategy. Then contacts me for More “investment” money $$$. Beware of him and his marketing ploy. He really makes a few people profit But at the expense of so many that he scams. If this is a genuine site, I would see this review. If not, then he really manufactures everything to make him and his company look good. Beware of Adam Holland! There is no business but monkey business!

Timothy Green on :

I thought your review was very helpful, it gave me the information I needed to make a Good decision .I thank you for your time , investigation and help the world and also the internet needs more people like you that are willing to search out and tell the truth thanks again…

I blog often myself and I really appreciate your in-depth reviews. This article has really piqued my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking in for new info. Joe R.


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