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The Lazy Cash System

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The Lazy Cash System Review

By David Harris

The Lazy Cash System is from Joel Stevens and found at

It’s an online marketing business that is loaded with red flags to watch out for.

In this review, we will cover all the reasons you should run as fast as you can from this company.

The LazyCashSystem is nothing more than an overestimated garden variety copy and profit system claims you can make $4,000 a week by just copying ads to your Google Adwords account.

In reality, you have to invest money into it in order for your ads to run.


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This is even though The Lazy Cash System says at the beginning of its front page that you never have to invest or spend money.

Although the website for TheLazyCashSystem gives it a look of legitimacy there is nothing but hype when you really look at it.

They go on and on about what the business isn’t but they fail to go into detail about what it really is.

The truth is that the market for something like this is saturated.

And it’s likely that someone advertising The Lazy Cash System would earn $9 for every $10 spent in advertising at best.

Therefore, the copy/paste system only wastes your time and money.

The best advice I can give is that there is no real lazy man’s way of getting rich quickly.

And certainly not with The Lazy Cash System program.

Also, beware the secure logos and other links that don’t go anywhere, and make sure to read their disclaimers.

There are the shill comments from non-existent people and the screenshots of a supposed income statement.

These can easily be doctored up with Photoshop and Excel, and once you get their program you realize it’s all pretty useless information.

The long and short of it is what is called link posting, or posting ad links, which is nearly impossible to make money on.

The Lazy Cash System is actually giving you misleading information on their site because they want your credit card info in their system.

A sure clue is when they charge 10 to 12 bucks to join and make it free when you try to exit the site.

Among the many misnomers on The Lazy Cash System is the claim that anyone can do it when actually Adwords campaigns by Google aren’t really set up for a beginner.

Quite a bit of investment and analysis are involved and usually understood by more experienced online marketers.

Also, if you don’t do it right you can be banned by the search engine company.

The Lazy Cash System fails to mention this important fact.

Trying getting in contact with Google to lift the ban is impossible when they terminate you because they ban you for life.

The worst part of The Lazy Cash System is that they encourage you to sell their substandard program as an affiliate.

This will make you new enemies of the people that will call you a scammer for peddling this awful product.

The other is that they sell your info to third party buyers, so prepare to be swarmed by mountains of spam.

Stay far away from this one if you can.

Thanks for reading our Lazy Cash System review.




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Mark Peters on :

This Lazy Cash System thing seemed really good when I read it on their site, but your review quickly changed my mind. Thanks a ton, scamxposer. Mark.


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