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Work At Home United

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Work At Home United Review

The Work At Home United promotional site is from Lance Smith & Michelle Smith and is found at, they are an online marketing company.

Is this just another MLM marketing system full of complaints?

The WAHU marketing funnel they created represents and sells the MLM business opportunity named Melaleuca.

It’s a multi-level network marketing company that sells health and cleansing products.

As well as recruits marketers to sell the same exact thing.

Work At Home United has a low trust rating from online companies that do site checking, citing many complaints.

They are very vague about what the company does in the first couple of pages.

This is probably because they don’t want to tip their hand that they are trying to sell you an MLM too soon into the sales funnel process.


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MLM, in general, has a terrible reputation spanning many decades and most of these businesses beat around the bush because of this.

Think about it, how did you feel the last time a friend of yours tried “sharing” an MLM business opportunity with you?

Not so well, I’d imagine. doesn’t say how much you will make or what you have to pay up-front to join their program either.

Work At Home United MLM Funnel

They only release information when you provide your personal info on the opt-in page.

Once inside, they have your phone number, which they then call to get you to schedule an appointment for a conference call or webinar.

It is nothing more than a half-hour pre-recorded presentation about how to make money with Work At Home United by selling their chosen MLM, Melaleuca.

This lengthy sales pitch could be edited way down to explain everything much more quickly.

But they do this to lull you into submission, like hypnosis.

This is a practice meant to bring you in and be convinced after so much repetition.

The truth is that WorkAtHomeUnited tries to sell you products from Melaleuca and recruit you into the business.

Then get you to direct others to their site.

Once on the site, you get the others to buy the products too.

This is supposedly how you make your money from commission on what they buy.


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In order to make any real income from Work At Home United, you try to get hundreds of others to purchase $100s worth of products.

You have to do this nonstop if you are to earn a decent income.

Their promotional gimmicks appear a bit deceitful and depend on how many others you refer to them.

All the testimonials from others can be fabricated to be very convincing and are not to be trusted.

The Melaleuca culture is very cult-like and some become very loyal followers.

These members do have a financial interest in all of this so it would make sense that they would fall in line.

They have a tendency to go after the easiest of targets.

Kind of like the way Amway was.

Their products are very expensive and not much different than those in the supermarket aisles.

You now will ask yourself why you would have to advertise vague promos on Craigslist and other sites like it.

The products can be found pretty much anywhere negating the need for any of this.

It’s because you make money signing up more than everyone you can for a program that is misrepresented.

As well as very difficult to get out of.

It is not easy to quit Work At Home United or Melaleuca after you realize it’s all been a huge waste of time and money.

You will see a lot of sites that extol their virtues.

But they’re mostly from people desperate to get you to sign up to buy the products.

And get more people to buy under them just to make a buck.

It’s an extremely hard thing to sell, and you have to sell it to a lot of people to get anywhere with it.

Stay as far away from WAHU and the company they represent, Melaleuca.

I absolutely do not recommend WorkAtHomeUnited or the Network Marketing business called Melaleuca.

I don’t recommend MLM in general because of a lot of these issues.

Thanks for reading our review of Work At Home United.

By author David Harris. Updated on January 25, 2023, at 10:14 AM CST.



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