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Unit of Prosperity

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Unit of Prosperity Review

by David Harris

“Unit of Prosperity”, by Stinson Marketing Group, LLC and found at, is nothing more than Reggie Stinson’s affiliate link to DS Domination.

In essence, Unit of Prosperity, so it’s yet another middleman trying to get his by hawking someone else’s product for very little in return.

If, in fact, you could make any money at all with his Unit of Prosperity affiliate link, it would still be a fraction of what you would make by going directly to the source.

By direct to the source I mean getting your legitimate authorization with companies like E-bay and Amazon themselves instead of go-betweens like Unit of Prosperity.

By authorization I mean working with a wholesaler more often than not, you will be asked to provide your sellers resale permit, tax id and in some cases your business license.

One obvious clue to avoid getting taken by Unit of Prosperity and its kind is the lack of any real and valid information on the only actual information page you will find before they whisk you off to their buy page.

That leads me to another set of issues with Unit of Prosperity and other drop-ship middlemen.

One is that all there are on the front page are a lame video full of hype, and nothing but fake shill comments from fictional people “hangin” at The Unit Hangout like it’s real.

This is another of my issues I warn you about.

Without getting any true information from them about what working with Unit of Prosperity means, they expect you to just give them your credit or ATM card on blind faith.

When you sign up as a legitimately licensed reseller with any one of the biggies, they don’t charge you a fee, either one time nor monthly, to work with them.

The main issue I have with scams like Unit of Prosperity is that when you give them your credit card info and other vitals like your buyer’s shipping info, you take the chance of violating eBay’s terms of sharing your buyer’s info with any third party.

That is a no-no that can get you banned.

There are so many other qualms I have about Unit of Prosperity and its ilk that I must address after the previous set of bigger issues.

One is that real wholesalers who are legitimate and trustworthy never charge you a fee to join. You can spot a true reseller by that one thing.

Now, people like Stinson that promote DS Domination are part of an MLM system.

Top DS members leave them alone because they set up their own site, in this case, Unit of Prosperity, with affiliate links, videos, and hype of their own.

Just like in eBay, getting involved with DS domination violates Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Find yourself a company with integrity and legitimacy.

Read the terms in the fine print of Unit of Prosperity.

You will find no warranty guarantee procedures, so you take a risk when Customers come looking for their refund.

As for the whole dropshipping thing in general, I won’t speak to that much, other than if you have massive chain power of big companies out there to advertise and market in a big way, you won’t make much money with third party affiliates like Unit of Prosperity.

Do yourself a favor and just pass Unit of Prosperity by altogether and save yourself a nightmare of possibly getting caught and banned by the majors for getting involved with this scam.

Unit of Prosperity charges 20 bucks to join, and that’s 20 bucks too much to pay to get scammed.

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