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Two Dollar Click

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Two Dollar Click Review

by David Harris

“Two Dollar Click”, by Jordan Welsh and found at, is a PTC (Paid to Click) scam site.

It has such a bad reputation that we’re going straight to it here.

Just on an initial search for any TwoDollarClick press, I found thousands of complaints without having to look very hard.

That does not bode well for them.

To a certain degree, just about every single person had a variation on the theme that no one got paid for their efforts at Two Dollar Click.

First off, TwoDollarClick is part of a bunch of scam websites run by Welsh (an alias, by the way).

The same scammer that runs horrible sites like Neodollar, Bux Inc, and Ten Dollar Click along with so many others.

Next, here is how the scam works.

It’s horrifically simple, actually.

TwoDollarClick shows faked payout photocopies of payments made to supposedly past members.

These payments are doctored to lure you into the Two Dollar Click scam and join.

Making you think you will be one of those people getting paid the kind of money the pictures show.

Newcomers that are desperate for easy money flock to the hype that offers them ways to make money from home by just clicking and earning through the TwoDollarClick tasks.

Once they join just about every one of these unfortunate folks works all the tasks provided to them by

And they actually do bring up their tally past the ridiculous $1000 minimum cash out.

At the point that the Two Dollar Click scammer has gotten an abundance of new referrals brought in by all these newbies, he decides to cheat them out of their earnings through one deception or another.

Even the most stable non-fraudulent PTC sites won’t hype up a one-dollar paid click per task, much less two.

And that is something most that are new to this type of money-making from home program are unaware of.

The average pay per click starts at two cents on any legitimate PTC sites that actually do payout anytime you view the ads they want you to see.

So the Two Dollar Click hype is a lie from the very beginning.

If one does happen to reach the $1,000 payout level limit and try to cash out, TwoDollarClick will fail to process it.

Their claim of a 60 day wait period is a tactic in hopes the user will forget in time.

However, when the day comes to receive the money, Two Dollar Click will still not payout.

At that point when you realize TwoDollarClick will not pay you.

It will be too late to get your initial paid membership fee back as well.

There is a supposed 45 days to resolve a complaint if you try to dispute their failure to pay you out.

But no resolution ever comes and by then you are way past the hopes of any refunds. sells ad hits to clients at a rate of $5 for 1,000 clicks.

That means there is only a half-cent you can only make so there is no way they can really offer $2 per click at all.

Another red flag to watch out for is that Two Dollar Click does not provide either customer support nor member forum.

Most authentic sites provide both.

TwoDollarClick also does not seem to care at all for your security.

As it does not provide any verification or security questions upon logging in when you join.

Two Dollar Click also claims it is BBB accredited, but it is actually not.

So when you compound all their lies and hype with the myriad of complaints everywhere, you can see that TwoDollarClick is a terrible scam to stay far, far away from.

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