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Top 3 Work At Home

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Top 3 Work At Home Review

by David Harris

Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed and Top Jobs Reviewed, by fictitious Sarah Johnson is found at

It is actually a fake news review site for 3 of the worst link posting scams run by scammers.

The page is entitled as Best Way To Make Money At Home in 2021.

The listed supposed business names on change from time to time but the Top 3 Work At Home scams don’t.

Everything Top 3 Work At Home lists will be a link posting or drop ship scam of one sort. post these types of websites to promote the scams they run, but don’t be fooled, they are the worst fraud perpetrators.

This fake review site Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed, promotes three particular scam sites we’ve already reviewed many times over.

Also to be shown as owned by Digital Resources, LLC that has an F rating with the BBB.

I’ll briefly overview them with the titles of our reviews, with the various fake working mom names they use as the owners or representatives of the sites.

These scams may still be run by Phillip Gannuscia or whoever has since replaced him.

I heard a while back that he was arrested in regards to these scams, but it hasn’t stopped whoever is running it now.

Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed is using the following various fictional owner names:

Sarah Johnson, Julie Craig, Lindsay Evans, Wendy Jackson, Laura Powell, Katie Paul, Peggy Jensen, Mary Carter, Cheryl Powell, Tracy Dalton, Emily Wallace, Lydia Clark, Terry Atkins, Jenny Bowers, Karen Jordan, Anita Pierce, Allison Pierce, Mary Johnson, Bobbie Robinson, Katie Johnson, Jessica Bradley, and Kelly Simmons.

…and many, many more to come.

The Newest Scam names on Top 3 Work At Home are Computer Process, Computer Growth, Computer Elevate. is run by an infamous scammer known by the name Phillip Gannuscia or whoever has taken his place since.

He’s been under investigation by one government entity or another throughout several U.S. states.

Please note that the business names on the Top 3 Work At Home you are looking at may be different than the names listed below.

But it will always be the exact same garbage, but just with different names.

The most recent versions of this scam “Top 3 Work At Home” are:

1.) Computer Process

Fake Name Used: Julie Craig
Root Domain:
With blurb: Definitely The Top Pick. The Easiest Full-Time Income You Will Ever Make For So Little Work.

2.) Computer Growth

Fake Name Used: Julie Craig
Root Domain:
With blurb: If You Can Spare A Few Hours Per Day You Can Make Money.

3.) Computer Elevate

Fake Name Used: Julie Craig
Root Domain:
With blurb: One of The Easiest Ways To Make Money Online. Tons of Happy Members.


Recent versions from

Computer Answers

Computer Elite

Computer Facts

Computer Method

Computer Vision

Computer Alpha

Most of these Top 3 Work At Home sourced scams were reviewed by us.

There have been so many variations of this scam that it’s really hard to keep up with all of them.

Some of the older scam names may not be in use anymore, but regardless of the name, they are still scams.

The no longer in use Business Success Pack was by fictional character Tanya D and found at

It was a rather odd way to divert you from Top 3 Work At Home to a multi-level marketing company called Herbalife.

Herbalife has its share of negative press and at the same time cult-like followers that try anything to recruit people for their downline.

Another defunct site, Web Fortune Master by Sally Brown and was found at was a very popular scam link posting website.

Top 3 Work At Home is simply a deception to defraud you of your money by posing as a business opportunity.

Nothing you will see on any of these sites from “Top 3 Work At Home” is true in any way, shape, or form.

So beware of those 3 scams on disguised as work from home business opportunities listed above.

They are designed to get your credit card info so they can siphon as much money as they can from you.

This was by selling you useless business coaching, upsells, and other nonsense that will only leave you broke.

Computer Process, Computer Growth, and Computer Elevate are only the latest versions of this long-running scam.

Those will soon change to something else that looks just like it with different names ending with “Computer”.

They don’t even bother changing the look and feel of the website.

It will just be another link posting scam or something else designed to rip you off for as much as they can.

To be safe, just stay away from anything that looks remotely like these pages.

Or anything on or related to Top 3 Work At Home or Top Jobs Reviewed entry pages.

Save your $37.

Thanks for reading the review…




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