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Text Cash Network

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Text Cash Network Review

by David Harris

“Text Cash Network” by Dalton Johnson, Phil Piccolo, Brent Hudson, and Jane Johnson and found at, is a paid to text advertising / multi-level marketing type system.

This is so horrendous there is even a Facebook scam alert group page filled with people who got scammed by them.

You would think a business model like text advertising might be lucrative, and Text Cash Network was certainly counting on it.

But the use of the technology is still far away as regular use by consumers.

Their affiliates would advertise discounts on products sold on the advertisements via texting to people’s cell phones.

They hoped it would be huge.

Using cell phone technology as an advertising platform to build a huge list of subscribers.

Including an opt-in for targets to enter their email addresses and hoping these prospects would buy from Text Cash Network’s ads looked like it could be a viable idea.

You as an affiliate would get paid to get text ads sent to your phone, for at least 5 ads a day.

Then you would build a downline to recruit others and so on.

There are fundamental flaws with TextCashNetwork.

When they included a VIP membership that should have fixed the issue of how to make money if the stuff in the ads were free trials.

And products with discounts so low commissions would be tiny.

It might have all been able to work somehow, except the scammers who run Text Cash Network have been cheating everybody with fraudulent practices.

Even one of the known associates is infamous as a one-man internet crime wave perpetrating several scams that got him noticed by the SEC.

Another associate is a convicted felon charged with racketeering.

The address for Text Cash Network is not correct, and the phone number does not work.

Just a few red flags I’ve pointed out alone are worth avoiding getting involved with TextCashNetwork.

And believe me, there are so many other wrong things with this company I don’t have the website space to get into.

The amount of complaints online about this scam is enormous.

Most of the complaints deal with not getting commissions, getting stiffed by the higher-ups on loans to the business, receiving threats when accusing them of fraud, etc.

Charges have bee filed against the perpetrators of Text Cash Network so we shall see if they get shut down at some point.

But until then I advise you to stay galaxies away from this awful scam.

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