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Online TaskPays Review

Online TaskPays found at is a scam website that claims you can make over $1,000 in your first week just by doing tasks they supposedly provide.

However, the only real task they offer is to get others to join this scam under you at $25 a pop.

Then when you reach the $300 payout cap, you’re taking your chances that you won’t be paid.

There were so many angry customers with similar complaints about not getting paid that it is very easy to see that the site is something to avoid.

First, Online TaskPays is but one of several GetPaidTo scams that use the same design, including,, and

And several others that are the same in everything but URL and name.


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Pay close attention to other sites like this, looking out for this website format and design.

If you’re fortunate to read this review, count your blessings so you don’t go into this black hole.

Once you register, you will see fast easy projects to finish for money or points.

But usually, it’s about a buck and often less if the task is quick to do.

The thing is, however, it doesn’t matter what tasks you complete if Online TaskPays won’t live up to their end of the deal.

Hundreds of sad and angry users have posted on dozens of forums and sites’ comment sections that once they reach the minimum payout it’s only the start of the nightmare.

In order for you to try to resolve the matter, they implement dirty mind games with the use of a “survey form”.

This useless form is meant to frustrate you more when you can’t open it later.

Then not only can’t you open the dispute ticket but many have been kicked out of the system entirely with no explanation given.

This is the basic definition of what a “making money online from home” scam does.

You will see that it’s not as simple as the hype on the presentation would lead you to believe.

Read the terms and conditions carefully for more red flags to watch out for.

For example, you may advertise or post to promote Online TaskPays.

But you may not receive any payments for it unless people either sign up under you or buy something from them.

Often, these types of “Get Paid To” sites have tasks that payout in small increments so it could take a long time to reach the $300 payout cap.

This is done so people will get burned out on it and abandon it.

That and since so many have actually not gotten paid when they followed through because this scam site cheats them one way or another.

You can see that the only ones making money are the scammers.

All you end up with is giving them your free labor and a lot of free advertising and promotions that you won’t get compensated for.

Worse than that, there are tasks you actually have to pay for in advance, and most times, you will not only not get paid.

But the third-party clients will still keep on charging your bank card if you don’t cancel the process in time.

You will also not find any kind of support or user forum or help of some sort.

And you will not be able to find who owns the site as they hide their identities.

Don’t be fooled by the hype that includes doctored-up checks and phony earning stats members have gotten.

None of that is truly real.

OnlineTaskPays is so rotten to the core that it is best just to stay as far away as you can from this scam.

Thanks for reading our review of Online TaskPays.

by David Harris | Updated on January 5, 2023, at 10:20 AM CST:



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This company goes by many names. It says once you hit $300 it will let you ask for payout. Says to take a survey and link comes up a 404. Contact info is an email that doesn’t exist.

Those people are blatant thieves. They made me waste my time opening a Yeye link and even sharing it with people who trust me.


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