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Market Secrets

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Market Secrets Scam Review

by David Harris

Market Secrets by Mary Stevens and found at is another one of many ad link posting scams that use the fabricated news journal they call Weekly Jobs Report.

Market Secrets is fake, as well as the jobs report they claim on their title.

There are no jobs to be found here, only those who work to drain you of your money.

In fact, the fictional ‘work from home single mom’ Mary Stevens claims success with MarketSecrets does not even exist in real life.

Their exaggerated claims that you can earn big money, even with no experience or skills, are also a lie.

So are the fake revenue check Market Secrets posts on their front page.

That tired old check is used in every one of these types of scam sites.

Actually, everything on the MarketSecrets website is identical to all other fake news report sites online.

The fact of the matter is that what you would really be signing on for is a venture that involves placing advertising links online.

This is a very difficult business to succeed in.

That’s because when you work a link posting business, you will be getting paid from many different ad partners’ in much smaller amounts.

The offset costs to advertise in hopes someone will click on your Market Secrets ads and buy something will be very small.

Those that use real and honest affiliated marketing approaches will make you some money.

But there are not many around like that, and scammers like MarketSecrets are far from real and honest.

Market Secrets initially charges $97 to join, but when you exit the site, a pop-up windows slash the price each time you try to leave in an effort to tempt you to sign up.

Market Secrets hopes you feel so fortunate that you got a discount that you will pay for it.

That is the mistake most people make.

The scammers count on it.

They also try to trick you with phony job titles like search engine agent, and fake certifications called Wealth Development Consultant Certificates.

As soon as you give Market Secrets your credit card number and personal data they will inundate you with sales reps calls.

These boiler room operatives work to get you to spend thousands more on unneeded extra upsells like business coaching programs that are of no value whatsoever.

If you try to get your money back you will find that everybody at Market Secrets has disappeared and are unreachable for support.

The scam then leaves you broke and full of regret. Many people write us of being taken by these criminals so often it boggles the mind.

Market Secrets is not to be believed.

We do all we can to warn everybody we can every time one of these work from home scams spawns up.

If we can prevent unsuspecting innocent people from getting ripped off by Market Secrets and those like it.

Then we will keep on going until they finally get banned by the law.

Do not get involved with MarketSecrets at all.

Thanks for reading our Market Secrets review.




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