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Make Money Online

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Make Money Online Review

Make Money Online by Heather Smith and found at is a new rehash of an old link posting job scam.

By new rehash, we mean it’s a replication of last year’s Internet Profit with a new name and internet link.

After the opt-in page, you are taken to a fictional tale of a made-up character named Heather Smith.

This is alongside a stock photo taken from a public image site.

The story consists of rags to riches success motivational trick scammers use to tug at your heartstrings.

Done so you might be inspired to waste your money.

If you’re wondering next how much Make Money Online is, you will be shocked at the initial fee of $97 dollars.

So you will try to exit and they will discount each pop-up offer until it’s $47.

Still, that is way too much, as would even be a dollar.

We say this because no matter what you pay, you will be buying a nightmare of epic proportions.

As good people, we want to think no one would be so unscrupulous to do the dastardly things these scammers do.

But the internet is replete with fraud at every turn.

More on how the Make Money Online scam really rips you off in a minute.

First, let’s look at some of their luring tricks and gimmicks.

Right next to the Make Money Online logo you see the news networks’ logos of Fox, MSNBC, and others.

These have been pirated and needless to say, not authorized by the networks at all.

Make sure to read the disclaimers at the bottom of the web site page.

Their crafty lawyers have worded in so many ways that nothing on the presentation page is true in any way.

However, nobody ever re those things and that’s what they’re counting on.

The Make Money Online crooks are expecting most of their prey to fall for those news trademarks.

Or the phony Heather Smith story, pictures of mansions, boats and cars, and the fake testimonials from nonexistent people.

If that’s not enough, they hope you will get taken in by the photoshopped paycheck, too.

In reality, you wouldn’t get paid in one lump sum by a central company.

Even though they don’t really explain anything about what they claim how you will make the exorbitant amounts of money.

It’s very far from the truth.

Posting advertising links anywhere you can online is not the lucrative thing they say it is.

In fact, you would be working for many different third party clients.

So, if you were to make money online from home with this, you would get paid in several small checks or even electronically.

What they also fail to explain is that posting online takes considerable skills, time, and experience than they promise.

Not to mention a lot of patience and consistency.

Sadly, none of those efforts can turn into the money their hype boasts about if you are a newcomer.

Even professional marketers stay away from these scams.

That is because the real reason for this scam is so once they have your vitals including bank card numbers.

They then can have their relentless team of boiler room salespeople goes after you.

They do go after you hard, and many have complained of spending up to tens of thousands of dollars on useless business coaching programs.

As well as other junk that does nothing for anyone.

At that point, they all strangely disappear the moment they know you’ve been tapped for all you’re worth.

No support, no customer service, no refunds.

Scared enough to stay away from Make Money Online yet?

Some people have even complained that they continued to charge them little amounts way after they tried to cancel, which is a challenge as well.

Maybe it’s not as bad as getting ripped off for as much as they can take from you.

But they also sell your info to their third party clients.

This means your email inbox will be flooded with so much spam you would be trying to filter it all on a full-time basis.

By now you’re most likely wondering why the con-men running sites like Make Money Online are not stopped.

This is mainly because the authorities don’t have the resources or manpower to go after them all.

And also because once this link is exposed, partly due to watchdog sites like ours, they put up one after the other.

There is so much more than anyone would care to read after all this frightening info.

But we’re sure you get the point by now.

That is, stay as far as you can from Make Money Online.

It is a terrible and heartbreaking scam, as many will attest with their own tales of woe.

Thanks for reading our Make Money Online review.

by David Harris.



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