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Link Posting Jobs

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Link Posting Jobs Review

Link Posting Jobs is by Cody Mitchell and found at, it actually advertises that they deal in link posting.

Is this a real, legitimate way to make money from home or is it just another one full of complaints?

This intrigued me, after all the scams out there that claim they are data entry or some other misleading thing to lure unsuspecting targets.

These guys actually put “link posting” in their name.

However, I find it’s the same old routine.

They still try and pass it off as an actual job of some sort.

It is an actual job or just a business “opportunity” in which you have to shell out much more money than the entry fee to sign up with Link Posting Jobs.

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They still claim you can make about $400 a day working from home on your computer only spending one hour with no computer skills or experience needed.

Certainly a red flag there.

This is not a possibility even with experience and skills unless you have posted hundreds of .

Link Posting Jobs claims you can make $9,000 per month, yet there is not one instance I’ve heard of in reality where anyone made anything even close to that.

No urban legend anywhere.

Even then you’re lucky to recoup the investment. claim you don’t have to sell, advertise or do any affiliate marketing.

But it’s all about selling and advertising and it is indeed affiliate marketing that you end up having to do to make money with this offer.

True link posting involves paying for ad spots in the hope that someone clicks on the ad and actually buys some kind of offer.

Your profit is what’s left after paying for these ad spots.

Link Posting Jobs uses the usual ploy of telling you that there are only a few spots left.

So you better hurry and pay the $67 dollars to secure your position or someone else will. throws in a few extras to have the newcomer perceive that the extra value is worth signing up for this scam.

The truth is; no real company anywhere will make you pay to be hired for a position with them.

It’s unethical at the very least.

If you weren’t sold, then the pop-up discount box appears after a little while on its own in hopes you get excited and sign up.

Link Posting Jobs doesn’t even wait for you to leave the site for the discount box to pop up.

The final red flag we found here was towards the bottom of the page and it was an offer for envelope stuffing.

This is something everyone everywhere should know by now as being a total scam.

Beware of LinkPostingJobs or anything like it and just pass quickly by.

Thanks for reading our Link Posting Jobs review.

by David Harris | Updated on June 20, 2023, at 11:43 AM CST:



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David Waliskoski on :

Carol Williams basically calls you to set up a phone interview trying to throw down big numbers about compensation. Her ad says 200k plus a year in income. What she doesn’t tell you it is all commission base. Then you have to buy the equipment in order to sell to the customers. Sounds like a huge Ponzi scheme to me. RUN FOR THE HILLS with this one!!! Don’t bite!!! It’s just too damn shady!


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