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Legitimate Online Jobs Scam Review

Legitimate Online Jobs found at is a database website that provides job listings.

At least that is what they would have you believe.

After much research, I found that you will not find any jobs here, legitimate, online, or otherwise.

They start with the stock photos of a happy lady customer by her laptop – (and a guy with his baby? What’s that about?) – on the front page.

Then there are the logos, which you can’t click on, of the companies they work with just so you might think this is indeed a legitimate company.

Legitimate Online Jobs shows you a photo of a made-up check that even says it’s a made up check on the top of it if you really look for it.

You’ll also see the fictional story of some customers praising this service even though they say they can’t guarantee you’ll have similar results.

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In fact, the earnings disclaimer is so convoluted and slithery that I got a slight chuckle before I got indignant.

The language in it may require a lawyer to understand, but the gist of it is that LegitimateOnlineJobs doesn’t show much confidence in the service it provides.

The real truth you will not find about this company in all the badly written fake reviews you will find overpowering the search engines.

Legitimate Online Jobs is really all about a type of affiliate marketing called “link posting”.

These “real jobs” they claim they have are just a ruse to get you interested in working with link posting advertisements.

They conveniently leave all this out because, well, who would want to sign up for something like this when they’re looking for actual employment?

Link posting takes an incredible amount of time and money, more than most people trying this venture ever make.

In fact, this is really how companies like LegitimateOnlineJobs make their profits.

I point out that if you have to pay a company to get true honest work then they can’t be all that legitimate.

Another thing Legitimate Online Jobs doesn’t tell you is that they also make their money by having their sales reps call you to try to upsell you on nonsense coaching that never helps anyone.

The nonstop calls LegitimateOnlineJobs’ aggressive salespeople inundate you with are intended to beat you into submission.

And then have you spent more money than you wanted to from the start?

One more reason I urge you not to involve yourself with this scam is that Legitimate Online Jobs will resell your data to third party clients for more revenue.

Even though they claim they wouldn’t do that.

This is how companies like this one make extra money.

Do not pay Legit Online Jobs one cent, or cancel your card immediately if you do before it gets any worse.

Since it is a Clickbank product, you should try to get a refund through them directly.

By the way, Clickbank is a legitimate business, but sometimes they have products that are not legitimate being sold by their merchant services, unbeknownst to them.

There are far better ways, on the internet, of looking for real honest work than getting involved with a scam like Legitimate Online Jobs.

I do not recommend LegitimateOnlineJobs.

Thanks for reading our Legitimate Online Jobs review.

By author David Harris. Updated on August 14, 2022, at 11:05 AM CST.



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