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Legit Online Jobs

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Legit Online Jobs – Scam Review

Legit Online Jobs, by Ross Williams and found at, is yet another link posting scheme chock full o’ warning signs. I will list them all one by one in this review, starting with the fact that you will find no jobs here, legit, online, or otherwise.

From the fake stock photos of happy customers on the front page to the unclick-able logos of two anti-virus companies trying to make you think this is a safe and legit company – all the red flags are on parade.

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There’s a little blurb saying they’re the number one work at home opportunity, but Legit Online Jobs never really says who or which organization voted them number one.

Take the time to have a laugh by reading the earnings disclaimer, it’s a hoot. It’s really not, but the language makes it clear that they don’t even have confidence in their own company that you’ll make any money with them.

They say this company is all about helping you make money real easy with link posting ads but there’s so much more that they leave out., Link posting involves lots of time and spending more money than the initial fee you paid when you signed up.

What they really don’t tell you is how they really make their money. They sic a ‘senior rep’ on you who will do their very best to talk you into spending at least two to three thousand dollars for more extra special training. Many people have complained about this.

The amount of endless calls from their aggressive sales people is designed to wear you down so you eventually give up and spend lots more of your money on their so called business coaching programs that really won’t help you to succeed at all.

Another way they make money off you is by reselling to third party clients your personal information that you give them when you sign up. Even though they claim they won’t do that. Don’t believe it. It’s how all these scammers make additional money.

If you did sign up with Legit Online Jobs cancel your card and hope you can get your money back when you find all this to be true. It’s close to impossible, as they will let you know in their disclaimer.

Don’t bother with this one. It’s a scam.

*Please, we urge anyone who has been negatively affected financially by this company to contact us, as we are now in communication with authorities who are investigating them.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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