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Global Online Franchise Scam Review

by David Harris

Global Online Franchise found at is supposedly created by Alec and Karl Herring.

But all the evidence points towards the infamous Paul Birdsall having a big hand in it.

It is supposedly a Cost Per Action, or CPA, website.

And what that entails is getting involved in taking trials, offers, and anything listed on their list of actions.

Now, what this really means is that GlobalOnlineFranchise takes a cut from all their third-party clients that will be billing you.


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And automatically deducted from your bank or credit card up to the moment you get wise.

Birdsall has a strange and mixed reputation as both notorious AND well-known.

It would seem that memories are short in the world of Internet Marketing.

Many people have been taken for untold sums by him and his nefarious crew in the past.

With scams like Streamline Funnel Systems, My Flex Job, and other schemes he’s perpetrated.

As an example of the shiftiness of Global Online Franchise, they put up a fake review site with a 13-year-old boy saying he’s making a ton of money with it.

But that’s a big lie.

However, if you look at the Terms at the bottom of the page, you will see the age restriction is 18.

So GlobalOnlineFranchise is shamelessly using kids to push their highly questionable products.

On the actual Global Online Franchise, as usual with these scams, you will find absolutely no clear information on what it is actually about on the front page.

Even if you opt-in to get looking for more info, you will only find another vague and long hype video from

It’s bewildering how this industry gives a pass to sites, like Global Online Franchise.

That offers little to no useful information in their hype videos, photos of mansions and cars, and stacks of money.

And that is supposed to be enough for you to fall for the scam.

GlobalOnlineFranchise is no different.

In fact, the usual fake testimonials are thrown up on the first and opt-in pages.

And then even without any more info, there’s the audacious Purchase Now button.

Because of these shady tactics, people still fall for their ploys in desperate attempts to make money working from home.

The fee to join GlobalOnlineFranchise is $19.99 per month.

Below the purchase fields, you will see that Global Online Franchise has a no refund policy.

But if you somehow fall for this scam, you can try to get your money back from Clickbank as it is one of their products.

GlobalOnlineFranchise promises $25 to $35 commissions (it’s a bit vague), for every person you refer that pays into their affiliate site.

Which is My Flex Job, which is also a scam that tricks people into believing it’s a job site.

Then, of course, once you are in the Global Online Franchise upsells begin, and before you know it they have you spending hundreds to upgrade from the basic membership.

So the initial bait and switch of the promise of cost-per-action trial offers and product testing tasks are a fantasy that doesn’t exist in GlobalOnlineFranchise.

Another warning sign is that they do not accept PayPal or other legitimate methods to pay you.

Instead, they use a very sketchy service called Payoutpass, which has a lot of hidden fees so you will end up with less than you would earn with Global Online Franchise.

GlobalOnlineFranchise has very basic tutorials on funneling a mass email list building.

But for that kind of training, there are far better and less expensive programs available online.

There are far better ways to make money online than

And if you research properly you won’t get scammed as you will by these crooks.

Stay far away from the Global Online Franchise scam.

Thanks for reading the review.




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Robert Salar on :

Your Global Online Franchise review shed light on everything that I was thinking was shady. Keep up the great work. – Robert


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