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Elite Mystery Shopper

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: Mystery Shopper database
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Elite Mystery Shopper Review

Elite Mystery Shopper, by Site Central LLC, is found at

They charge you a fee to join to get access to their database of mystery shopping companies that recruit people to evaluate other companies and products anonymously or undercover.

The problem with mystery shopping is that it is riddled with scammers, con men, and other disreputable entities.


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It is well known that many people have been swindled by some company or other in that industry.

So much so that the legitimate mystery shopping companies got together and formed the MSPA, or, Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Elite Mystery Shopper is not listed among its members, nor are they BBB accredited.

However, Elite Mystery Shopper does claim on their scam alert page that they are the victims of identity theft.

Others are going around using their name to perpetrate the infamous check cashing con.

The majority operate out of Canada.

The check-cashing con has a few variations but basically, they get targets to cash the check the scammers send them.

Then they get you to wire part of the money from the bogus check back to the scam artist and tell them to keep a portion.

Soon thereafter your bank tells you the check is counterfeit and you are responsible for correcting the negative funds.

You never hear from the scammers ever again.

Alert the authorities if anyone approaches you with this scheme.

Elite Mystery Shopper operates in a different manner.

They charge you a fee to join them as a member.

If you have to pay them to be their worker then I call BS on them.

They do not guarantee you any of the companies on their database will ever hire you.

Be very careful with Elite Mystery Shopper whether they are a victim of scammers or not.

And be sure that you don’t keep getting charged every month.

Even though they say it’s a one time fee, some of these mystery shopping businesses have been known to do that and worse.

Also, make sure they don’t send you checks to cash and wire them back the money.

If you are spammed on your email from them and are not sure about who they are, it’s just better if you delete the email and move on.


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You could spend your time looking them up with the MSPA, the state attorney general, and the BBB.

You won’t find them accredited with any of these authorities.

I believe Elite Mystery Shopper has all the red flags of a scam themselves.

Because they charge you to work with them I’m quite sure of it.

Most scam companies I’ve reviewed use a news clip demonstrating success in the industry.

Even though the clip does not mention the company hosting the video.

Elite Mystery Shopper is no different.

The 100% Guaranteed Paypal logo sends you to the opt-in form at the top of the page, not an authentic Paypal page deeming it to be true.

When you sign into the opt-in page, they make you fill out a ton of surveys and offers before you get to any Elite Mystery Shopper pages.

I call Elite Mystery Shopper a scam not only for all the above reasons but because they claim they’ll get you work on the front page.

They don’t guarantee anybody on their list will hire you on their disclaimer.

Avoid EliteMysteryShopper, and be very wary of most mystery shopper sites that send you emails, letters, or texts offering you a chance to make thousands of dollars weekly with them.

There isn’t anything remotely close to that with this type of offer.

Not recommended.

Thanks for reading our Elite Mystery Shopper review.

By author David Harris.



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It would be nice if this Elite Mystery Shopper was better than doing paid surveys, but it looks to be in the same neighborhood. I’ll keep looking. I’m coming back for sure.


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