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eLearn University

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eLearn University Review

eLearn University by Martin Wilson found at, eLearnUniversity is a company that teaches you online marketing, search optimization, and website design.

Unfortunately, Martin Wilson is notorious for ripping people off with his scams.

Wilson is known for his untold number of cons and scams, particularly online.

The most infamous models he likes to perpetrate are fake business coaching and internet marketing education programs.

So many victims have been parted from their hard-earned money by Wilson that the FTC won a near fifteen million dollar judgment against him for his crimes and banned him from doing business.

It has not stopped him though, as he changes names, addresses and often works with his family as a shield.

His latest scam, eLearn University is no different.

Now Martin peddling his scams overseas.

Not only does he scam customers, but there are several complaints from employees that claim he either doesn’t pay them or does pay, but very late.

In any case, once we realized who is running eLearn University…

It was clear that this had to be exposed for what it is, a shakedown from a convicted scammer.

If you still want to take your chances with them, here’s what you will most likely experience.

The site itself may look professional but that is as far as that goes.

Most online schools have some kind of accreditation, but this one not only doesn’t but does have a disclaimer that raises a big red flag.

Also, eLearn University sells its program as “Associate”, Bachelor” and “Master” levels.

But if you take notice, they’re just selling their courses by amounts of “classes”.

So you can skip right to Master and get all the courses.

No school I ever heard of does this.

This is not a legitimate school, plain and simple.

eLearn University is just a boiler room operating out of an office in Arizona.

It’s run by scammers who the government has been trying to shut down for years.

Wilson has even used his own mother to hide behind.

I urge you to pass this “opportunity” up as fast as you can.

Although, if you happen to get involved with eLearn University, it is a Clickbank product.

So you might try to get your money back through them.

I cannot guarantee positive results in doing this though.

Just don’t take any chances.

Thanks for reading our eLearn University review.

by David Harris | Updated on March 14, 2022, at 11:42 AM:



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