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Cash Tracking System

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Cash Tracking System Review

The Cash Tracking System was started in 2004, the founder is Mark R., is found online at, and is also known as “CTS to Financial Freedom”.

So, who is this founder, Mark R.?

It was tough finding his first name and the last initial as it was.

Why no full last name there Mark?

Are you hiding something maybe?

Well, this is an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme, so there is that.

As the founder of CTS, hiding your personal details would make sense if you know what you are doing is illegal.

Regardless of what many marketers (scammers) will tell you, there is no such thing as a real, legal, legitimate cash gifting program.

They are all money game pyramid schemes.


And I have proof in this review.

I’ve spoken with many people involved in cash gifting programs like this that are convinced that this and others like it are actually legal operations.

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I can assure you though, they are most certainly not.

When you try to find information about Cash Tracking System’s website it’s hidden by a proxy so you can’t find their address, phone numbers, or owners.

Cash Tracking System cash gifting scam

They’re not necessarily trying to hide it from you, but they are indeed hiding it.

Hiding it from law enforcement.

The first few pages have some vague videos full of hype and nonsense.

And offer you no real description of what you would be doing to make those large sums of money with the program.

They simplistically claim their system is all about sending legal gifts to one another.

But again there are no details of how it works or how much it costs to join this cash gifting program.

At least not on the outside of any given member’s “private access” referral-linked page.

I’ll get into this more later.

There are so many complaints registered online that they are too numerous to count here.

And that’s just with this specific cash gifting pyramid scheme.

But I will convey the most frequently noted issues many members have had with the Cash Tracking System gifting program.


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Their traffic is nothing to speak of so it does not live up to the hype that they throw around in all their video presentations.

Most complain that very few people are interested in the Cash Tracking System so they inevitably lose all the money they had invested or rather “gifted” or “pledged” into the scheme.

The marketing websites people receive are carbon copy clones so everybody is competing with each other with the same exact generic duplicate sites.

The system preys on people in financial trouble that are willing to ignore all the warning signs in hopes of getting in big bucks super fast.

All they need is to hear their pitch that they will save them from financial ruin.

However, that’s exactly what they will get if they do this.

The Cash Tracking System gets members to focus on getting more recruits into their group as there isn’t anything to sell.

Finding more recruits is all there is to this.

Cash Tracking System CTS Financial Freedom cash gifting scheme

But the compensation model is not described on the main page or the following ones.

They go out of their way to make sure that no inside info on how all of this works is available outside of a direct “invitation” with a referral link.

The real money-making model of the Cash Tracking System is actually a very well-known cash gifting pyramid scheme.

But it is thinly veiled and the government will see right through it.

Once inside the main landing page, the Cash Tracking System has four payment levels that you can “gift” or “pledge” into.

Starting at level 1, with a $500 pledge, on up to level 4 with $3,750 configured at $250 + $500 + $1,000 + $2,000.

Again the only way you can join this or see any real info on the details is if you have to be brought in by an invitation from a member only showing you the actual CTS landing page.

This has to do with why it’s so hard to find any in-depth information on CTS anywhere online.

Since this is actually illegal, they can’t exactly make it easy for the authorities to find them, can they?

Going straight to the homepage will welcome you with a generic, you must be referred by someone, notice.

There is no way to get inside to see any of the info otherwise.

Hence the invitation-only activity.

I happened upon an old, expired domain name that was once pointing to an income opportunity offer that now redirects people to this site instead.

This is a common source of traffic for those that don’t want to raise red flags that advertising in the mainstream would do.


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This seems to be the main way people are finding out about this and is how CTS has managed to stay under the radar for so long.

It’s not exactly like they can advertise this on Google, Youtube, or Facebook.

You must agree to get a call from your sponsor to whom you’re supposed to send as a cash gift after you’ve chosen the level you’re going into.

Cash Tracking System get richer

After joining they assign you a website that you have to pay a fee of $34.95 per month with a one-time $25 setup fee added to that.

The Cash Tracking System claims the website and system you get will supposedly help you get more members under you.

But so far, many people who joined have complained that it’s pretty much useless to that end.

If by some chance you are able to bring others in you only get paid at the level you joined at yourself, not at the level the new member just paid if it’s over your level.

So even if your referrals start at a higher level you only get the $250.

However, if you happen to join at level 3, with $1,750, and nobody joins you at that level you will lose all your money.

The only product or service provided is the website itself which really isn’t even a product.

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It’s worthless without the scheme being attached to it.

Rather, it’s worthless regardless.

Cash Tracking System figured they can get away with the cash gifting model because they think that giving gifts to others is legal, therefore this must be legal.

This is absolutely false logic.

Cash gifting schemes are very illegal in all 50 states as well as most other countries.

Sure, yes, if you give someone a monetary gift, that is 100% legal…


But this is definitely not what’s going on in a cash gifting program scheme like this.

Anyone running a cash gifting scam will tell you that you can receive up to $14,000 per year (per the IRS tax code) without having to pay taxes on that gift.

And they would be correct.

The IRS doesn’t care if the money you make is from ill-gotten gains, they just want the tax on that money.

The IRS also states that since these aren’t really gifts, as explained below, you actually do owe taxes on all the money you receive from participating in this scheme.

Thus totally negating the scammer’s claims that you don’t have to pay taxes on any of the income you receive from Cash Gifting.

Caring about those ill-gotten gains is your local authorities’, FTC’s, and FBI’s job.

However, Cash Gifting being taxable or not has absolutely nothing to do with this gifting activity being legal or not.

Per the IRS website:
IRS Gifting Tax Explaination.

What is considered a gift?

“Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.”

A gift is only considered a gift when someone gives something of value to someone else and expects absolutely nothing else in return for it.

Even if it’s from a different person within a network such as how cash gifting programs work.

The money doesn’t have to go back to the same person, it just has to be from anyone in that gifting network.

So, in plain English, a gift isn’t a gift if there is an expectation of gains attached to it.

That act (receiving as much or more money yourself after you gifted to someone else) negates it from ever being a gift in the first place.

See, they are not even legally considered gifts!

In this cash gifting scheme (or any other for that matter), no one would ever give you a gift unless they themselves would be in a position to receive gifts at a greater amount as well… right?

Think I’m still wrong about all of this?

I have a PayPal email address here that I’d like you to send $1,000… as a gift. 😉

Ohh… No?

Well, why not?

So you get my point then… great!

There would be no point for them to do any of this otherwise!

The entire point of any cash gifting program is to make far more than you’ve spent to get in and market it.

Yet, there are still some who would argue that it has to be legal because you are actually able to make money with cash gifting.

Again, false logic.

Yes, there have been many people that have made money, a lot of money, by doing cash gifting.

However, if I rob a bank and get away with it, and made money, does that make what I did legal?

I made money, right?

So, it must be legal… right?

No, of course not.

Same thing here.

Yet, there are still many people that live their lives thinking “It ain’t illegal if you don’t get caught!”.

If it’s quick and easy money, that’s all I care about.

Who cares how many people I hurt to get it, I got what I wanted.

Yeah… no thanks.

There is a U.S. Postal Code that says anyone who sends money through the mail for cash gifting scheme purposes will be fined and/or imprisoned for mail fraud.

This is a very serious offense people.

Just don’t do it!

It’s really not worth it!

All cash gifting programs in any form whatsoever are not a legal, legitimate way to make money online from home.


The CashTrackingSystem gifting program is an illegal pyramid scheme of a scam that you should have absolutely nothing to do with.

Thanks for reading our review of the Cash Tracking System.

by David Harris | Updated on February 14, 2023, at 9:27 AM CST:



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4 Comments/Reviews

    Of note: I am not a member but have gone through all the videos of the website that was offered to me to learn more, and I have to say I can only give my opinion based on what I already know from understanding other “business systems” (including the one I’m currently using).

    The videos at the beginning seem to be thought-provoking & much of it is actually true if you’ve read a few money books by Robert Kiyosaki (as you mentioned). If you understand the cash-flow quadrant & why employees/small business owners rarely get ahead, it’s because they participate in a “broken system”.

    The rich continue to get richer because they invest, rather than spend. And according to Kiyosaki, when you can turn expenses into investments, you are looking at a real legitimate opportunity & potential for financial freedom.

    This is probably the only reason why CTS doesn’t jive with me as much: there’s technically no “product”…but in their mind, that’s one of their pros – saying they don’t need people to have a product buy-in mentality. Essentially you pay to be part of the “club”. It’s a membership of like-minded individuals not bogged down with a cynical scam mentality.

    There are actually MLM-type businesses that are entirely legit & do very well when the compensation plan is designed around effort, not seniority (like most jobs, I might add, are a pyramid structure for instance). In CTS, there seems to be no real hierarchical structure, though one may exist, I’m unsure.

    With ANY opportunity, one must evaluate the ROI (return on investment). If I invest in this opportunity, I would likely go for the $3500 buy-in and participate in their education platform/system (esp if I wasn’t already participating in one that teaches how to think differently making money).

    Because if you’re going to do anything, you gotta do it right & do what’s recommended by those who have gone before you. They OBVIOUSLY have a vested interest in your success, because the more you’re successful, the more they are…so understand the value of a mentor.

    But jobs mentality people would do well to start investing into their mind to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Read a few people skill books & that’ll be a good start. You just can’t assume there are no risks in life & that you’re entitled to success if you don’t step out on faith & take some risks.

    I learned a long time ago, take advice from those who actually have what you want in life, not those just willing to throw tomatoes at your ideas.

    ANY TIME you step outside of the box & have a dream, someone WILL challenge you. That’s why there are so few highly successful people in the world: most people can’t hang with the adversity & go against the status quo.

    I’m evaluating the CTS simply as an additional stream of income.

    It’s smart to diversify in this economy. Whatever you do, DO NOT place all your eggs in ONE basket.

    I have been with Cash Tracking System since 2014. I quit my job and haven’t worked since 2015 because of CTS. I read your review and it is so flawed. You even call it a MLM. Obviously you did not actually do any real research in your review. MLM there’s always a fat cat at the top and a bunch of loser at the bottom. CTS there is no fat cat at the top and all members are on a level playing field. I used to do the same thing when I was into internet marketing. Writing reviews that ultimately down play the actual reviewed product or service while giving a favorable (your) alternative. Such a slow way to get paid not to mention all the time, effort, and or money you had to put forth into this. I spent 6 years doing the same. I am so happy I found CTS. If you are tired of wasting time and effort check out my CTS site and I have you well on your way to “Financial Freedom” in 30 days or less.

    Just because you’ve actually made money with something doesn’t make it legal. It just means that you’ve gotten away with doing something illegal. Labeling it MLM or whatever label you want to choose doesn’t change this fact. My review is perfect. If you want to rip people off and risk going to jail, go ahead and join Chet at He will be more than willing to steal your hard-earned money. This is what Chet considers the best way to start his financial freedom path. Although he won’t be very free if he goes to jail over this… and neither will you if you join Chet or anyone else in this scam.

    This is excellent advice from someone who actually understands financial freedom. Most of the critics of CTS probably never took a look at the 7 short videos. Only 1 hour of their time to look at the video can have a significant financial impact upon their life and yet they refuse to.


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