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Automated Income Course

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Automated Income Course Review

The Automated Income Course is from Shaun Smith and found at, it’s a training program that focuses on earning a living through Google Adsense.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are an actual legitimate source or simply a fraud.

The founder has a very spotty reputation and the business raises a few questions.

Shaun Smith claims you can make up to $700 dollars in a day.

But he never really says how that will happen anywhere on the Automated Income Course website.

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He expects you to pay the signup fee before he reveals how any of his marketing systems actually work.

No one I know just jumps into anything without doing their due diligence.

All Shaun Smith says is that it’s a simple system and talks about his cars and houses and shows some sort of vague income statement.

The truth about AutomatedIncomeCourse is that to make any money with it you get a free blog through WordPress or Blogger.

Then post ads from Google Adsense on them hoping lots of people will click on your ads.

You really only make a few pennies from each click.

So, to make anything substantial, you will not only need a tremendous amount of traffic coming to your site.

But all those people will need to click on the Adsense ads.

That’s a lot of ifs you will have to depend on.

So the idea that you can make as much as the Automated Income Course and its owner claim you will make in such a short time is a total fantasy.

Even if you set up multiple sites with lots of Adsense ads and generate the traffic you need, it still takes quite some time to do all this.

Months, even years of working at it may yield some revenue, but not as much as the AutomatedIncomeCourse says in days.

Many complaints have been posted online about the poor quality of the “educational” videos Automated Income Course has to offer.

And many of the claims made on the instructions are blatant lies.

If you know how to use the tools Google has to check on rankings you will see that what Automated Income Course is about being number one is not even close to true.

Therefore you’ll be lucky to make a couple of bucks a month rather than $700.

Even with miraculously amazing content, there’s no chance you will have tens of thousands of people coming to your blogs.

And even if you do only about one to ten percent of them might just click on the ads.

Google also has pretty high standards when it comes to the content and quality of the sites their Adsense ads are placed on.

So many sites get taken down daily and users are banned from using Adsense again.

In conclusion, the Automated Income Course is a total scam designed to part newcomers from their hard-earned cash.

Don’t be one of those.

Thanks for reading our Automated Income Course review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 30, 2022, at 9:45 AM CST:



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