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Admin Clerical Online Jobs

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Admin Clerical Online Jobs

by David Harris

“Admin Clerical Online Jobs”, found at, is a fake job link board for other scam sites that offer other sites that offer other sites around and around but little to no actual work for your efforts.

Admin Clerical Online Jobs works as a middleman and place holder for their third party clients that also have third party clients which at some point do have online home business opportunities, but no real jobs.

More often than not, these sites will resell any personal information you give out to them to their clients who will also send you spam about other online and home business opportunities.

I use the term opportunities lightly as the biz opp ads Admin Clerical Online Jobs offer on their site are nothing more than offers to join affiliate marketing programs.

Those links on Admin Clerical Online Jobs that take you to those programs sole purpose is to get you to buy their more expensive upsells to useless business coaching programs.

Many have registered complaints about those online cams taking them for thousands of dollars after promising riches and success with their hype.

Some of the other ad links on Admin Clerical Online Jobs go to survey sites that offer you getting paid to take surveys, panels and product trial offers. Some of these are free to join and others have a fee.

Most of those pay very little and they cannot be considered actual jobs, so that is another red flag to watch out for on Admin Clerical Online Jobs.

Some of them will actually end up costing you money if you try their product trial offers that you have to use your credit or debit card on.

When the offers expire 9 times out of 10 you will be charged full price for the product you were supposed to be making money testing because that is how they operate.

The navigation button that says typing jobs on Admin Clerical Online Jobs only leads you to link posting scams, several of which we have already exposed elsewhere here on ScamXposer.

Those scams offer a few vague bits of hype and overpromises of vast fortunes without telling you how you will get them yet they take you right to their buy page with fees that run anywhere from 10 to 50 bucks.

Again, they’re just scams that get you to give up your credit card info so they can either take money from it without your authorization or their boiler room dogs will try to get you to spend as much money as they can get from you on more useless information products.

No matter how you look at it, Admin Clerical Online Jobs is far from a job site that would lead you to genuine clerical work. It is a fake job offers scam site.

One of the links in the Admin Clerical Online Jobs buttons actually took me to a Sears catalog, which I would find amusing if it wasn’t such a rip off site for people who are looking for real work.

Admin Clerical Online Jobs is just about one of the most worthless websites littering the internet only to lure you into making the worst decisions of your lives if you happen to fall for them.

I would steer clear of these types of placeholder sites like Admin Clerical Online Jobs and Admin Clerical Online Jobs itself. Take a look at it and you will be able to recognize other sites just like it to avoid.

We have determined Admin Clerical Online Jobs to be a scam that points to other scams that will do their best to siphon your bank account.

Admin Clerical Online Jobs is the kind of phony online home business site that should be shot at dawn with no final cigarette on its lips.

Thanks for reading

– David


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