Fake Home Based Business Review Sites

Fake Home Based Business Review Sites

ScamXposer.com is one of only a handful of legitimate authorities on Internet business & income opportunities!

Many other so-called Internet business scam review experts claim to be the end-all-be-all of reporting Internet income & business opportunity scams, but most of these review sites are nothing more than shams!

Here’s the problem with just about every scam review – business opportunity review site that we’ve come across… they pick the business or income opportunity they want to sell or promote FIRST and only then do they build their fake review sites around them.


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They claim that everything else “out there” is bad or a scam.

Whether it is or not doesn’t matter to them, they just want to convince you to buy their “recommended products” garbage.

Here’s a list of the fake “business review” sites that we’ve come across so far.

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70 - Fake Business Opportunity Review Sites... and counting!

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