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Youngevity MLM Review is from Steve Wallach and is an MLM or multi-level marketing business income opportunity.

It uses nutritional products as its way of avoiding being labeled as a pyramid scheme.

Having researched and reported on many MLMs, both scam and legit I look at certain factors to determine whether it is a real opportunity or not.

One of the factors I look at is; how high of a price markup is being placed on the company’s products.


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Usually, when they are very expensive it is a sign of a company that is more concerned with recruitment than actual product sales.

The prices on Youngevity products are ridiculous.

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Companies like this look at their products as simply a formality to make what they are doing legal.

youngevity review

The company requires its salespeople (recruiters) to buy a minimum for the sponsor’s margin and overhead.

Contrary to Youngevity’s claims that the product is effective, none of their products are considered to work very well.

This is according to reputable testing done by trusted professionals.

No real valid testing has been done with humans.

But they claim it kills cancer in test tubes.

Truth is, bleach kills cancer in test tubes.

But you don’t want to drink that either.

A supposed Nobel nominee, Dr. Joel Wallach ties his reputation to claims that Youngevity makes that its product is of high quality.

I could not find him on any Nobel nomination list going back to 1992 when he allegedly was nominated.

In any case, he is a veterinarian so anything he has to say about the product is questionable.

There seems to be a running theme of quackery with many health supplement MLM businesses that focus more on marketing than providing a decent product.

Youngevity is no different.

Their profits come from new distributor recruits who have to buy the product when they sign up.

So you are going to purchase their overpriced distributor packages in order to recruit others to do the same.

And so on down the line.

You will also have to spend a lot of money in order to find more leads through ads, meetings, etc.

And ultimately making income from this company is going to be very challenging, to say the least.

Please keep in mind that we are reviewing Youngevity for the specific side of whether you can make a living from it or not.

We believe it is not, and will only cost you more than you will ever make.

We don’t recommend you get involved with Youngevity either as a business opportunity or as a consumer of its product.

Thanks for reading our Youngevity review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 28, 2022, at 9:32 AM CST:



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Hello Scamxposer! I wish to say that this post is amazing, great written, and comes with a lot of important info. I’d like to look at more posts like this.

Thank you for your review. I was listening to this fraud Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast AM, and I was appalled at the “advice” he was giving people. I even heard him say at one point on the show that obesity has nothing to with a result of poor diet choices and overeating, he managed to say that it was a nutrient deficiency and that you should purchase a product from his website called (A.S.A.P) which mind you is nothing more than a vitamin B supplement that you can get from an energy drink. He also made a comment that you can live without a kidney and that kidney transplants were “unnecessary” and a scam. He went over tons of outlandish claims and managed to promote his extremely expensive products. My conclusion is that Joel Wallach is nothing more than a snake oil salesman who; often at times contradicts everything he says.

Elaine Johnson on :

DO NOT BUY! This is scam! My elderly mother ordered one box and they kept sending them to her. We tried to cancel the subscription she didn’t realize she was getting – and we were told that we had to cancel in writing. We did – but the boxes kept coming. We sent them back unopened, and she never got her money back that she was promised. She was also promised credit for the ones that she opened that were sent back – and of course she never got that either. They prey on people that don’t realize what they are getting themselves into and then make it impossible to stop it. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and spreading our story on every social media site I can find. Do not buy from this company!


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