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Volition Review

The Volition Paid Surveys by Ray Sola and is found at

It’s a no-frills website that points you to sites where you might get free stuff, paid to take surveys, and product trial offers.

Volition is a middleman for companies that need marketing research done, consumer opinions taken, etc.

If you are willing to participate in survey panels and discussion forums or product trials Volition does not exchange rewards for your time.

Most surveys have requirements to meet in order to qualify to take them.

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Volition Paid Surveys is free to join.

This is something to look out for on free sites like this.

Many online survey companies sell your data to third party clients for extra revenue.

These guys claim they do not.

You should know that sometimes you have to pay something for the products you test.

You may also be charged if you don’t return the products before their deadline.

Surveys that you qualify for may take up to 15 to 30 minutes to complete and the notices of the invitation usually come to your email.

However, Volition suggests you visit the website on a regular basis.

It takes quite some time before you get paid for surveys you are qualified to take on any survey site.

Volition’s clients are no different.

They also have a minimum limit before you can cash out.

And you will get paid small amounts from the various third party sites Volition redirects you to.

You won’t always qualify for many surveys unless you fit the specific type of consumer the research companies are looking for.

Volition Paid Surveys seem to have left out this information on their front page.

I also find myself feeling wary that they tell you to watch out for scammers using their names to get you to pay to sign up for their memberships.

That makes me want to not get involved with Volition, period.

It takes so long to do enough surveys that spending time on these activities may not be worthwhile.

If you like giving your opinions as a hobby, then, by all means, treat it like a crossword puzzle.

I can’t call it a scam per se.

But I do find Volition to be something I do not recommend because there is no way to really make any substantial money worth taking all that time for.

If you are out of work or just want a hobby and want extra money.

You might be able to buy a few items from the 99cent store with your earnings from Volition Paid Surveys partners.

This is not recommended.

Thanks for reading our Volition review.

by David Harris | Updated on September 9, 2022, at 10:08 AM:



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