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Toluna Paid Surveys

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Toluna Paid Surveys Review

by David Harris

“Toluna Paid Surveys” found at, is an online market research company with a “twist”, though the main twist has recently ended, which I will tell you about in a bit. Toluna is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

As is the case with all legitimate “survey companies”, Toluna Paid Surveys does not charge you to be a member. 

Their pay appears to be commensurate with other similar companies, which is to say you won’t make much money, but can make some.

In order to get paid by Toluna Paid Surveys, you need to accumulate 60,000 points – which is worth $20.

A note here would be that on the surface, it seems like more “points” may be needed than through most companies, but they also give you more points for completing surveys, etc. than other companies. 

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So depending on whether you look at “points needed” or “points given”, you could either be bummed or impressed if you didn’t realize the truth – which is again that you would complete a similar amount of surveys for a similar amount of profit when compared to other companies’ systems.

Now the “twists”.  You not only get paid for completing surveys and referring others to sign up (500 points for each referral), but also a small amount of points (100 – which is just over 3 cents) for completing member profiles.  Not much money, but then with survey companies it never really is much money.

The real “twist” Toluna Paid Surveys had was they also did a Social Rewards program where you got extra points for creating polls and opinion topics, which you could post on other social media sites.  

I believe we are the only review site pointing this out, but Toluna Paid Surveys is discontinuing this program!  It was an interesting concept by “Toluna”, but they said it was having the opposite effect they had intended.

They are starting up a new “virtual gift application” called Gifties that allows you to send friends (or yourself) “gifts” from their catalog (or Facebook) instead of just cash if you choose to do that.

You also get sweepstakes entries for completing surveys from (as is the case with most all sites), and you can choose to use some of your acquired points to “buy” extra sweepstake entries too. 

The Toluna Paid Surveys sweepstakes are held monthly, and you can win prizes up to a cash prize of $2,500.   

As I’m sure you know, the number of people who actually win these prizes is incredibly small… but you do have a chance, which is all they claim.

Toluna Paid Surveys appears to be as reputable as most legitimate survey companies, and if you are looking to participate in multiple survey companies to try to increase your chance at making a small amount of money, Toluna might be something you are interested in.

It can be fun for some people to share their opinions through these market research companies… it just isn’t profitable.

We don’t recommend you sign up for “Toluna Paid Surveys”, though – or any survey company – if your goal is to change your financial situation.

I do not recommend “Toluna Paid Surveys” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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I went through a bunch of web sites on scams and top rated survey sites with rewards before picking some to participate in. Yes, I get screened out a lot ,’cause I’m a senior citizen, is my guess. The problem arose today when Toluna, Mysurvey and Global Test Market web sites went down at the same time. You could overlook this, but look at their web sites- did they all choose the same software or do they just by chance all look alike all they way to the banner headings. Although I’m still waiting on my e-certificate for an Amazon gift card, this would seem to be a problem with only one of these survey sites (that’s right now). Hope this was just a quirk .


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