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The Secrets of the Big Dogs

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The Secrets of the Big Dogs Review

The Secrets of the Big Dogs by Stan Stuchinski is found at

It is an internet marketing eBook written in 2001 and kept updated and revised for 2022.

This is a very informative and effective eBook that reveals many of the secrets still used by top veteran internet marketers.


The website touts this product as…

“The ebook is the most exciting, innovative concept to be introduced to the Internet marketing world in this century!”

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“The bible of Internet marketing since 2001!”

“Nearly 100,000 copies sold!”

“Updated and revised for 2022!”

“It’s the first ebook you SHOULD buy…

…and the last ebook you’ll NEED to buy!”

Those are pretty bold statements.

Although there are a lot of online marketing guides that claim to teach the secrets to their success, The Secrets of the Big Dogs delivers in a big way.

There is very little hype in this educational step-by-step eBook and you will get most of what you need to have in order to start your own internet marketing business.

Included in The Secrets of the Big Dogs are enlightening sections on SEO.

This is one of the most important things to know in this business.

Achieving a higher page rank in the SERPs is no easy feat and it shows solid techniques on how to do it.

Another valuable topic of The Secrets of the Big Dogs this share is generating traffic to your website.

This is the most important factor in online marketing.

The author, Stan Stuchinski, is constantly updating the information on The Secrets of the Big Dogs so you don’t get stuck with outdated knowledge.

The ebook is titled: “Secrets of the Big Dogs”, “The Guru’s Playbook” “by Stan Stuchinski”.


You won’t get everything there is in the world of internet marketing, because Stan Stuchinski is said to keep some secrets to himself.

Stan Stuchinski is the CEO of Canis Major Int’l, LLC.


The cost is a one-time $7.00 for what has been called “The most dangerous book on the Internet!”

…But TheSecretsOfTheBigDogs is still a good tool to have even at just $7.

And also provides an affiliate marketing program so you can earn commissions by selling the eBook to others.

However, there is one catch.

The Secrets of the Big Dogs suggests that you sign up with 10 of its MLM or multi-level marketing websites and then advertise them.

That is one field of internet marketing we absolutely do not recommend here at

So be careful with signing up with any of The Secrets of the Big Dogs’ MLM programs.

While the eBook is good and very informative, the upsells to MLMs would be incredibly costly and can’t be justified by us.

The iffiest risks when getting involved with multi-level marketing types of businesses that have an industry-wide failure rate of 85% to 99%.

So we won’t be recommending The Secrets of the Big Dogs because of this.

Thanks for reading our The Secrets of the Big Dogs review.

by David Harris | Updated on March 11, 2022, at 8:01 AM CST:



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