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The Coffee Shop Millionaire

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The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

by David Harris

“The Coffee Shop Millionaire”, by Anthony Trister and found at, is a dubious network marketing training course that leaves much to be desired.

There are so many complaints and negative reviews online about The Coffee Shop Millionaire that they would have gone broke trying to scrub their reputation.

Apparently, according to the numerous complaints about him personally, the owner won’t be found on too many people’s Christmas card list either.

The best thing about this product is that when you’ve bought it and realize what a dud it is, you can at least get a full refund from the trustworthy Clickbank, as it is one of the products under their umbrella.

The sad thing about “The Coffee Shop Millionaire” is that there are so many online educational websites dedicated to teaching you how to become a successful marketer that just does not live up to its name.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is supposed to teach you how to sell services like SEO and email & video marketing, local business marketing, etc., yet most of the lessons on the site are vague, leave important factors out, or are just poorly taught.

The lessons The Coffee Shop Millionaire are trying to show you are quite a bit more advanced than the average beginner can understand, so for them to do it in such a sub-par way is a huge disappointment.

To not at least explain how difficult it is to sell services like these to local services let alone not even mention one word about that is a serious omission.

It is supposed to be the main thing they’re about.

Even the most experienced salespeople have difficulty trying to sell services like social media management and video marketing. The Coffee Shop Millionaire lessons do it in such a bad way that they pretty much set you up to fail.

Lousy advice, little to no direction on how to sell this complex industry to average business owners, and vague AND short video tutorials make The Coffee Shop Millionaire is one of the worst products we’ve ever looked at to review.

The worst part about The Coffee Shop Millionaire is not just that they want you to buy more products and services in order to run your business better.

Another troubling issue is that it refers you to its affiliates so they can make commissions from your purchases.

I can’t exactly call “The Coffee Shop Millionaire” a scam, as it does provide a product of some kind as terrible as it is. Though at least you can get your money back through Clickbank.

I do not recommend “The Coffee Shop Millionaire”.

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