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Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie is found at and is a get paid to take survey community.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate “get paid to take surveys” company or if they are just more GTP garbage. is accessible to all consumers in the US, Canada, and Australia.


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We took Survey Junkie for a test drive as we do with all online home business opportunities we come across and we can indeed attest to its passing our criteria successfully.

SurveyJunkie is definitely not a scam!

Survey Junkie is completely free to join and provides the opportunity for you to participate in different surveys on the website or through email invitations.

To make the sign-up process easier, SurveyJunkie lets you sign up using your Facebook or Google login.

As a member of Survey Junkie, you get to earn points for taking surveys.

100 points are equal to $1 and you can cash out with PayPal or different gift cards when you reach 1000 points, or $10.

We can also report that users are reporting that they get paid easily when they reach the $10 mark or more.

The frustrating part with all survey companies is that you may not always qualify to take the survey or that the survey may be closed by the time you get to it.

Survey Junkie is one of the only survey sites that give you points even if you disqualify from surveys just for trying.

They also have a customer support department that is available Mondays through Fridays and will usually get back to all customer support tickets within 24 hours.

You can reach them on the Contact Us page of SurveyJunkie.

The market research companies conducting studies let you know how long the surveys should take to complete.

Rewards will vary on each company’s surveys and the length of time required.

Survey Junkie will tell you that you are not going to become rich by taking surveys.

But it can be a fun hobby, expressing your opinion and earning cash rewards.

SurveyJunkie is sought out by market research companies looking to find people interested in sharing their opinions who are already Survey Junkie members ready to participate.

Most surveys are only available for a limited time.

So when you start a survey the study member seats may be already filled.

But when you do qualify and complete the survey, you are certainly paid for your efforts.

The good thing is that you also earn points even sometimes when you don’t qualify as mentioned earlier.

Survey Junkie may also conduct its own surveys as well.

These surveys pay consistently when you qualify.

Survey Junkie from time to time may also offer you the chance to be involved in focus groups.

Focus groups are surveys conducted in group settings, which can be online or offline.

This is where panelists may discuss the subject matter with each other while being monitored.

If you qualify for these and join the panels, they will usually pay between $50 and $100 per hour.

While Survey Junkie may not conduct focus groups, they help recruit participants.

You can learn more about SurveyJunkie, by visiting their website and reading the Frequently Asked Questions, Privacy Policy, and Terms.

This way you get a real understanding of how the site works and what to expect when you sign up.

You can also check SurveyJunkie out on Facebook, where they are constantly posting fun and engaging market research data.

You might even learn a thing or two.

Ultimately, one of the best methods of earning with them is in the form of an affiliate marketer paid for leads and referrals.

Survey Junkie is not recommended.

Thanks for reading our Survey Junkie review.

By author David Harris. Updated on January 8, 2023, at 11:22 AM CST.



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4 Comments/Reviews

I’ve been looking for a good, legit paid surveys company. Thanks for your review on Survey Junkie. LJ

Jerry Huang on :

Finally, there’s one paid survey that is not a scam. There are simply too many paid survey scams out there. Everyone is very skeptical. Thanks for this awesome review 🙂

It isn’t a scam at all. You just make pocket money. Which is great. You have to be HONEST, and patient. We all don’t fit in every survey and yeah, they 2 and 3 cents you, but they don’t have to and that adds up too. I have made $275.00. I cash out at $15-to $20 dollars. If you want amazon the do Microsoft rewards dashboard. I have! $173.00 sitting there for the Christmas fund.


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