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Surveys For Moms Review

by David Harris

Surveys For Moms at is a free to join survey database site that offers their affiliate partners’ links for rewards and points.

It is a portal or host to other so-called survey sites that litter your inbox with spam.


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Surveys For Moms collects a commission for each survey site that you sign-up with through their affiliate links to those sites.

It also makes money from selling any personal data you give them.

That is where the spam begins to come from.

You don’t earn very much from any of those survey sites.

And the personal info you give them through Surveys For Moms will also be sold by those 3rd party partners for marketing purposes, and so on.

That is where the virtual mountain of spam will come from.

You will not make a dime from all this selling around of your own private data you traded in for a relatively small amount of cyber trinkets.

In any case, most surveys offered by Surveys For Moms affiliate partners make you spend at least 5-10 minutes answering questions then a majority of them tell you you’re not eligible.

Often, if you qualify for a survey and complete it you may not get credit for the survey you just participated in.

An average amount for a survey can be from $1 to $5 or so for spending 15 to 30 minutes of your time on them.

A good number of survey sites have a minimum payout limit of about $10 to $20 before you can cash out your reward and it usually takes weeks to reach their goal.

The ones that pay through PayPal usually charge you a fee that PayPal deducts before paying out.

Choosing to get paid in gift cards has a minimum payout of about $25 and will take at least thirty days to receive payment.

You should never have to pay anything to participate in surveys.

Whether it be for access to the database or for the survey itself.

There are several places online where you can access all the surveys you could ever want to take for free.

People just don’t make money with these.

You might qualify for 1 Survey out of 100 that fits your demographic criteria and even then you’re very unlikely to make any real money from it!

Surveys For Moms is not a worthwhile method of earning a living from home.

I don’t recommend you waste your time on getting so little in return.

Especially since they make way more money than you make on selling you to others.

Because it’s free to join, they might not be a paid surveys scam.

But I do not recommend you waste any time with Surveys For Moms.

Thanks for reading our Surveys For Moms review.

– David



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