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Seacret Direct

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Seacret Direct Review

by David Harris | Updated: January 13, 2022 at 9:51 AM

Seacret Direct at is multi-level marketing or MLM company with products with skin care and beauty aids products.

Those of you that read our reviews know our view of MLM schemes, I mean, businesses.

We’re not a big fan of them.

It’s no different with Seacret Direct, which started its tenuous business practices with a shopping mall vendor stall routine.

The amount of customer horror tales of deception and price hikes, etc, grew until they phased that out into the MLM model.

Now, as an MLM, they pressure you into buying as much product as possible to the tune of over $1,000 and up past the $50 you pay just to join.

To pour salt on the wound, Seacret Direct charges you up to $200 to attend their company seminars.

This, of course, comes off as just more shady tactics, charging people who work for you to attend your work meetings.

As if this isn’t enough red flag material, some of the usual suspects are at the top of the pyramid at Seacret Direct.

Some of these individuals have been fired or banned from doing business at other MLM companies for employing less than ethical tactics.

Others are notorious multi-level marketing jumpers.

Multi-level marketing jumpers or hoppers are individuals who, once they reach as far as they can go with one, take their downline and jump into the next new MLM.

A lot of MLM companies will pay these guys six figures to take their large downlines with them into the new venture.

I won’t mention names or where they hopped from, but this is a very common thing to see in the MLM space.

Ok, as far as the Seacret Direct products are concerned, while it was usable, it is so overpriced that you can find their counterparts in retail stores for less than a third of the price.

High markups are not unusual tactics in MLM, but that is definitely a common trend we’ve seen.

To many MLMs, the product is simply a formality to make what they are doing legal.

People join illegal gifting programs all the time and there isn’t even a product, but they pay out very similarly to MLMs.

When you add those serial MLM jumpers, terrible customer experiences (let alone having problems retaining them) you get a picture that does not look very appealing.

When recruitment is far more important to a company than selling the products, you know you’ve got problems.

However, the final nail in the coffin will be the fact that;

When those under the pyramid who were pressured to buy large amounts from their sponsors can’t get rid of the product via MLM they resort to selling them on Amazon and eBay.

You know Seacret Direct is not long for this world.

I say move along people, nothing to see here except the chalk mark outline of another MLM.

This does not get a recommendation from us.

Thanks for reading our Seacret Direct review.




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Seacret agent on :

This company is a scam and the people in the top level network in Asian community are scam by the way they do their work. They gather family, friends and push them all to buy in 1 month with promise to refund the money to them after they get their products. so many people buy which create good paycheck for the agent which the agent use to show to other people as proof of income to recruit them. after they receive the product then the agent took the product to sell half price on Amazon and ebay and promise to pay back to their friends but many friends never receive the payment of the product. by the time, they used the paycheck to recruit a lot of people and kept going. 99% of the people who dont know this method of use a lot of cash from your friends to build up your first paycheck as stepping stone then they will never make anything in this MLM. This business is only for depressing people with the hope of making million.


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