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Say So 4 Profit Review

by David Harris

“Say So 4 Profit”, found at, is a paid surveys portal website that redirects you to their third party clients’ own surveys and trial offers sites.

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As survey portals go, this is actually a decent one.

They don’t charge a join fee, so they’re off to a good start with this policy.

Beware of the ones that do charge you, as all of the survey sites they redirect you to can be found for free by just searching online.

We have reviewed many of the survey sites they represent.

Most of them are usable to a point. However, any survey site you engage in never really pays anything worth all the time you spend on them.

Market research companies that hire out portals like Say So 4 Profit often have demographic parameters so chances are pretty slim of you qualifying for even a third of their market studies, forums and surveys.

At the very least, they do say you won’t make much money from taking surveys and also offer tips and other info about working in the paid surveys field of working from home with internet businesses in one of their tabs.

Another tab offers info on referral programs as well.

Their survey portal itself is a bit limited in the amount of third party clients who offer surveys for pay.

However, those they do offer aren’t too bad as paid survey sites go.

As this site does state, joining as many of them increases your chances of getting more paid surveys and product trial offers.

Say So 4 Profit is not actually a paid panels company in and of itself, so you won’t be getting paid through them directly.

The ways they make money include commissions from visitors clicking on their affiliate link to the survey panel sites they advertise on their pages and email links to their sponsors.

The main thing they promise they won’t do is to sell your email and personal info to third party clients and so far I have seen no excess junk mail from them and theirs.

They also provide information to work at home jobs, but you must be careful and research them because some of them might be scams.

In the tabs on the main page, you can see several options. Unlike scam survey sites, these tabs actually work and take you to what is listed.

Some of those include product sampling, online sweepstakes, discount coupons for gas and groceries, and other opportunities.

If you happen to try their partners’ product trials, please be careful and make sure to keep track of them and cancel at the proposed dates or they will charge your card full price for any items you try.

Also, since this company does not take any responsibility for what their clients might or might not do, be sure to check their reliability and reputation out thoroughly before getting involved with them.

Chances are you have already joined most of the third-party paid survey sites they post, so this business might be a bit redundant.

At least they don’t charge to join so it’s about the least harmful in that respect and they do have a small number of tips and helpful hint blurbs on their help page.

However, if you don’t want to sign up with their partners through their affiliate link then you can easily find those sites on your own.

Although it’s not a scam site, I still do not recommend “Say So 4 Profit”.

I do, however, recommend “Survey Junkie” as it is a much better option…

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