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Rich Dad World

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Rich Dad World Review

Rich Dad World by Robert Kiyosaki and found at, is a business coaching & mentoring program. has left many of its members feeling as though this provides very questionable results.


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As it is, the price is so overblown that there really should be no question as to whether it should work or not.

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad

I won’t be getting into the detail regarding his books or his business philosophy.

Those are very interesting and worth learning about because the focus of this RichDadWorld review is on the Internet coaching program.

I will say that I have read and enjoyed the series of Kiyosaki books.

And can tell you that there are far better results when you read the books at pennies on the dollar of the cost of his Rich Dad World seminars.


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Although I definitely recommend that you read his books, the focus of the coaching program is more on real estate than business or marketing.

After the extremely long and unnecessarily drawn-out pre-recorded webinar…

Rich Dad World Webinar


No Money Down Apartments


The Next Market Crash


Rich Dad Way


Rich Dad Secrets

Having undergone several coaching programs, some more rigorous than others…

I found Rich Dad World’s coaching program to be disappointingly short of the mark, as opposed to the results I’ve seen from his books.


World Order

So, how much is the Rich Dad World “Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint” program?

Single Payment Option: $395.00

5 Payment Option: 5 X $99.00 or $495.00


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You are also given the option to add “Unlimited One-on-One Live Coaching”.

This Coaching costs an additional 5 installments of $199.00 or $995.00.

If you get both the “Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint” as well as the “Live Coaching”, you’re looking at spending a total of $1,390 or $1,490 (depending on your initial payment option chosen).

The coaching option comes with 6 months of unlimited LIVE ACCESS to Robert’s personally trained real estate investing Coaches.


This review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

Any conclusions drawn by myself or anyone else on the ScamXposer staff in these reviews are purely opinions.

However, Robert will not partake in any of the coaching processes.

$1,390 or $1,490 is a lot of money to spend on this type of program, especially with Robert out of the picture.


RDW Payment Options


After those 6 months are up, they will probably be charging an extra $400 to $500 an hour for more consulting after that program period.

To be fair, RichDadWorld does have a free resource line you can call, but even that has its limitations.

And add to that your coach’s feeble responses to your email queries…

I believe the Rich Dad World “Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint” and Coaching program should be priced at less than a 5th of its current price.

I’ve approached many who have gone through the program and the common response is that they were not in the least impressed with it.

The usual common feeling, like my own, is that although the lessons are good, the answers are too broad-stroked or just plain vague.

And they leave you with a general sense of disappointment and frustration.

However, there is a reason for this.

Rich Dad World is not really Robert Kiyosaki’s own program.

He contracts out from other coaching businesses that are familiar with his actual program.

The RichDadWorld website, though is a large virtual store filled with informational materials for sale.

The coaching seminars’ training videos can be found there at a third of the price of the personal coaching program, too.

There are even games for children and adults based on Rich Dad Poor Dad topics.

He even sells his name brand for Rich Dad World – Rich Dad Poor Dad franchising.

I would be very careful before investing in his franchise program which starts at $35,000+, though.

Unless you really know what you are doing and already run a highly successful MLM-type of business…

It won’t be a good investment on your part.

Even if Robert Kiyosaki were to teach me face-to-face…

I would almost still hesitate to spend as much money as the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Rich Dad World charges for their Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint and Coaching program.

However, most of the Rich Dad World coaches are not necessarily as experienced in the actual running of their own real business as they would have you believe.

They also do not have a good refund policy system.

As in, no refunds at all.

There are tons of complaints online about people getting charged the $99 subscription and they start getting charges of $300 without warning.

Disconcerting, to say the least.

Their BBB – Better Business Bureau listing has its fair share of complaints yet they still somehow managed an impressive A+ Rating with a dismal 2.78 out of 5.00 Stars.

2.78 out of 5.00 Stars or 55.60% would be an F Rating in anyone else’s book.

Come on BBB, you can do way better than that.

Unfortunately, it appears that anyone can outright buy an A+ rating at the BBB nowadays.

I have to say that I do not recommend the Rich Dad World “Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint” or the Coaching Program to anyone wanting real results in improving their business acumen.

Just read Robert Kiyosaki’s books instead.

Your bank account will love you for it.

Thanks for reading our Rich Dad World review.

By expert author David Harris. Updated on January 11, 2023, at 9:32 AM CST.



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don l. clare l. on :

you can learn from the books. everything is there. I enrolled in the program and got very ill and when I told them I couldn’t go on the first words I heard were “We will turn it over to a collection agency if you don’t pay!” wow, thanks for the compassion. Read and study the books it’s all there. Good luck!

Excellent pieces. Keep writing such kind of information on your blog. I’m really impressed by your blog. Hey there, you have done a great job. I’ll definitely dig it and individually recommend it to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

I was thinking of taking part im the online, but thank to review, it saved lot of money.

I just hung up the phone with one of their “Mentors” who dedicate 45 minutes of his time to asking questions about how much I have saved, how high my debts and my credit score status, and gave me a little explanation of the course and after that just start attacking me and trying to make me feel like if I don’t buy and pay the course I will have no succeed on life, that I will stay where I’m at with no changes unless I pay the course… I just believe that we asked about my financial situation, did his math, and makes the highest offer possible reachable for my pocket… I agree with the above comments, and that books will make 10 times more of an effect on your mind than an expensive course with no info at all or an introduction with the excuse that the biggest decisions are made at the moment.

My daughter and I attended an Independent Women “free seminar”. Only to find out that it is just another branch of Rich Dad Poor Dad – Rich Dad World after I had signed us up for the $500 three-day course that would show us how to use the program to make money. We were told at the free event that we would be working with spreadsheets and forms provided on a tablet I was given for being one of the first 8 people to sign up. After the end of day two and still not given any real learning experience we left. Our one-on-one with a “mentor” who specialized in the Lease Option or rent to buy was a complete waste of time. Instead of providing more detailed information all, she did was waste to flog more very expensive courses! Courses that started at $5000-to over $25000 if we bought that weekend up to $40, 000 if we waited! By that time even my 21-year-old had had enough especially of being told we would not succeed without a mentor! As if we had no mental capacity at all. The one good thing that came out of attending that weekend was the group of women we networked with. 10 of us have decided to form our own investment group and with the wide variety of skills and resources, we found that we all have we expect to be fully capable of helping each other become independently wealthy!

I wish I had done my research before I hat attend it. Today is the second day of the event and I’d learned so little. I’d like to learn about how to invest in Real Estate and to learn the technics not just hear about mindset and the software that is included in another course that is really expensive. I’m not sure but from what I captured in the room the people who were more involved in the business and had way more experience than I have were more interested in some strategies that they talked about. Personally, I don’t recommend it


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