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Rewarding Ways

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Rewarding Ways Review

Rewarding Ways by 99Ventures is found at, they are a GPT site.

A GPT site or “Get Paid To” website offers paid surveys, freebie tasks, and product trial offers.

First, many have complained online about RewardingWays being a scam.

Most of the unhappy users have reported account suspensions when they’ve reached the $1 minimum payout cap.

Many others have been falsely accused by Rewarding Ways of being cheaters.

Most likely so as not to have to pay them when they finally reach their minimum payouts.

Others get banned with no reason offered at all.

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A word of warning about using more than one IP address which will get you banned from Rewarding Ways.

This means users with dynamic IP addresses, logging in from workplaces, or from different computers than their own will also get their account banned as well.

Others strongly dislike the way in which their customer support handles matters in rude and often demeaning and condescending manners.

Usually without, in many cases, resolving the issues in the user’s favor.

Still, others have stated their complaints have been deleted from the Rewarding Ways forum.

And that their service has become very poor since their start in 2011.

On the extreme end, some have complained of members hacking into their accounts and cashing out their earnings. happens to be a 99 Ventures property.

Most of the survey sites they own, which we have reviewed several of the owner’s sites previously, bear similar customer dissatisfaction claims.

Even if they weren’t ripping people off, the payouts for the work that is being done are barely enough to warrant this being a hobby.

This is actually the biggest issue we have with sites like RewardingWays.

There are several flaws in this type of income opportunity model.

Quite often you will take surveys and 20 minutes later you are rejected because you don’t match their 3rd parties’ qualifications to complete them.

Even more of a waste of time.

The matter of earning about $0.10 as a sign-up bonus only when someone you refer completes their first offer.

And 25% of your referral’s earnings don’t amount to very much in the short or long run.

They offer referral contests that go from $50 to $200 dollars, but there’s no guarantee that they are even paying these amounts out to anyone, let alone you.

Often they are a carrot at the end of a stick to keep you there, likely never paying out the winner of said contest.

Rewarding Ways has some simple free offers to complete.

This is so you can reach your minimum payouts such as watching videos and liking social media pages and the like. also has ways that you can spend your money buying signup referrals to your link if you want to go out of pocket.

Then again, I’ve found a few users who have been content with RewardingWays.

Yet I suspect some of those were shill comments surreptitiously posted by the site owner’s in-house workers.

This is how most of these types of businesses operate so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they were doing this.

If you don’t value your time and like to do paid surveys and offers that pay very little for it, then by all means, go for it.

In the unlikely event that you actually end up getting paid by them, call it a bonus.

If it’s just a hobby of sorts you might enjoy using, but just for the fun of it.

If you can call doing any of this fun.

However, it is most likely that you have come to ScamXposer to find programs that you can actually make a living with.

Rewarding Ways is far from that, I can assure you.

We will not call it an outright scam since there are those who do get their points and rewards.

But we will definitely not recommend RewardingWays as a way of earning anything substantial.

I do, however, recommend the following as it is a much better, legitimate option.

Take a look at Survey Junkie here:

Thanks for reading our Rewarding Ways review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 24, 2022, 8:12 AM:



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Overall User Rating:

Overall Rating

4 Comments/Reviews

Sady Fernandez on :

This company is blocked account with money and not paid money which your earned. My account is blocked without any reasons and explanations. My money is not paid and support don’t answer to my messages.

Promethus on :

It’s a scam, BigCityGuy310 Jessicatheboss and the other boss steal rewards from survey takers, they are under investigation with the authorities and will be brought to repaying the thousands of dollars stolen, BIG F’IN SCAM

Scam Site BigTime they dont pay half of there users and they take advantage of new users i have seen this time and time again with all ShiftCode Websites. all of shiftcode websites are scams its one of the reasons that CPAWAY refuses to have anything to do with them anymore.. they only pay you about 20% of what the offer or survey is really worth. and if they clame instant paypal STAY AWAY! because the 1st one or 2 payments will be sent but if you have anymore they refuse to pay you and block your account. Especially RewardingWays they are only about money. if you dont make them anything with in the 1st few weeks they will ban and remove your account saying your spam or cheating.

Donna Walker on :

BEWARE! This site is a SCAM, They get you to Agree with the Privacy Policy and you never hear from them again, even the e-mails I sent them have just “VANISHED” from my sent section of my e-mails….S T R A N G E ! ! eh? I Changed all my paaswords you name it, I done it, My computer is loaded with virures just from visiting that site…IT IS A NIGHTMARE——–BEWARE DO NOT GO THERE


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