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Reward TV Offers Review

Reward TV found at is a “free to join” that offers cash awards and prizes by playing trivia games about television.

In this review I aim to find out is this is legitimate or just another scam full of complaints.

First, you can play by watching TV and answering questions about shows from the previous day.

There are several ways of getting rewards for playing.

With Reward TV’s sweepstakes, you gain points for a chance to win prizes.

In the auctions, you use your points to bid on prizes.

You can shop a couple of times a week by trading your points with merchants that sponsor the site.


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The site is also owned by The Nielsen Corp, of Nielsen rating fame.

Every day you play an initial first Trivia game or take their surveys, you get to enter their $10,000 sweepstakes.

When you play another trivia game, you get an entry to their $1,000 Second Game sweepstakes.

You can also take bonus surveys, to get another chance to win prizes.

The surveys they offer to deal with movies, actors, brands of cars, computers, drinks, and other general advertisements.

This is where the good stuff ends.

There are so many issues with this Reward TV beginning with the peskiness of letting them gather all your personal information.

This is handed off to their sponsor while gaining very little in return.

Thinly masked trivia questions in the form of games are there solely to collect individual data on players’ consumer habits. 

Several Reward TV questions even deal with advertisements on the shows you watch.

Not much fun about that either, unless you enjoy watching commercials so you can make a little change here and there.

Another thing that bothers me is that when you get a question wrong, ‘Reward TV’ does not offer the correct answer.

Also, the questions seem to go on and on with no end in sight.

But the most exasperating part about Reward TV is that their methods of “rewarding” you are very tricky.

Chances to win are slim and none, very much like playing the lottery.

In order to redeem your points on their shopping spree page, you will need a lot of points.

However, there is a countdown clock that lets you know when the next spree begins.

Even if you’re there at the right moment there’s no guarantee you’ll win anything.

You don’t lose your points but you spend time trying to buy stuff and come out empty-handed much of the time.


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It’s supposed to be a shopping spree but you’re competing against tens of thousands of people for a limited amount of gift cards. I tried and haven’t won once.

Their sweepstakes aren’t much better, and you have to take the surveys in order to earn an entry.

I didn’t play the auction game sensing that my chances wouldn’t improve.

It also seems as if Reward TV’s server is very slow and you’ll be left with a very unsatisfactory feeling that you’re just wasting time.

I think that Reward TV is not a scam but think about how you value your time.

There aren’t a lot of returns on Reward TV unless you play for years to play the very small odds.

Don’t engage in their service unless you really enjoy answering trivia questions for the joy of it and not expecting much returns for your time.

I do not recommend RewardTV.

Thanks for reading our Reward TV review.

By author David Harris.



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Gregory O. on :

Thank you for posting this about Reward TV. Seems like a big waste of time. I will be passing on it.


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