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Resolution Research Review

by David Harris

“Resolution Research”, found at, is a paid survey site run by Resolution Research and Marketing, Inc.

It’s a market research organization out of Denver Colorado.

The site is free to join and they get you started right away.

Resolution Research surveys for clients from many diverse industries worldwide including education, health care, advertising, and internet services.

Surveys may cover issues ranging from work to family and leisure time.

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If you qualify to participate you will be able to serve on any of the panels offered.

Resolution Research puts you in situations that may make a difference in business, health care, and various consumer products.

You can influence real outcomes on issues you see in their research questionnaires.

You may also get the chance to test products and services before they go to market.

Resolution Research pays in cash between $5 and $400 per session, depending on the level of study.

Survey participation options include online, phone and occasionally forums you can attend in person.

Resolution Research friends referral program will pay 50 cents for up to ten people you bring in that complete at least one survey.

Referring five friends also puts you into a drawing for $100, $250, and $1000.

Studies may take between 5 minutes and 2 hours, depending on their nature and complexity.

There is no minimum to reach before they payout and there are no sweepstakes or games.

Since 2006 Resolution Research has had real success as a marketing research company hired by professionals to get results, thereby compensating you well for your time.

It’s not something you can make a living at, though.

Resolution Research is highly reputable, but it may take a while before you qualify for the higher paying studies.

It may also depend on the availability of surveys to show up that you can participate in.

Surveys you do might also take anywhere between two weeks to a month or so to be gathered, reviewed, and removed from pending status.

I don’t recommend Resolution Research as a way to make decent money.

But it is one of the least dishonest of the bunch, however, you’re better off joining Survey Club free here:

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4 Comments/Reviews

Touch Resolution Research is definitely a scam! I received a check from them that the bank would not cash – fraud!

This site is a waste of time. Anything earned expires a year after, so you can’t reach the $10 minimum payout because they seldom send you a survey.

This is a total scam. You have to “qualify” to get a survey, but it seems as though the “qualification” survey resembles a real survey.

While you say that Resolution Research may be “one of the least dishonest” I would have to add that the majority of their online surveys pay really poorly. And for me, after a couple of years of regularly responding, I have earned less than $10. This is the minimum balance for redeeming your rewards.

A large portion of the time I don’t qualify for the survey after answering the screening questions, and there is no “consolation prize” for trying. Almost as large an issue is either finding out the survey is closed after clicking on the link to start it, being informed that I have already taken a survey when I have never done so, or completing a long survey, over 20 minutes in this case, and then being informed that they had gotten all the respondents in my demographic already.

This last instance was the last straw. I needed only $1.10 to make enough to get a $10 Amazon gift card. The survey paid $2 upon completion. I took the chance to start it. I seemed to be doing well. Got all the way to the end and was looking forward to getting my $2 and cashing out. Instead of a congratulations, I was informed that I didn’t qualify, sorry try again. My time is too precious to be paid less than $5/hour on average. There is no benefit to me to these surveys. Perhaps if you are bored or trapped in a hospital bed with nothing better to do it would provide some entertainment and a little payoff.


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